Sunday, April 30, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - Noory filled in for Art who had some sort of virus. The guest was Dr. Jeffrey Long talking about near death experiences. Not a bad show. Kind of old hat for those of us that have heard dozens of such shows, but probably very entertaining for those who haven't.
Monday - Noory hosted with guest Dr. Bruce Goldberg who was suppose to talk about spirit guides and he did a bit. Noory could not make through the show without mentioning his alter ego Dexter Monterey at least 3 times that I heard. I did not make it through the entire show, as I found it pretty boring.
Tuesday - It was the big Richard C. Hoagland birthday celebration the first hour. Richard was turning 60 according to him, but I wonder if he hasn't shaved off a few years? No matter. Whitley Strieber showed up to wish him well and much to many people's surprise so did Art Bell. The full show guest was Dr. Simeon Hein. I had enjoyed Dr. Hein's last visit to c2c, but this one just did nothing for me. Much of it was the same stuff with remote viewing added in. I am not a big believer in remote viewing so this show just didn't work for me.
Wednesday - First hour Art Bell showed up again. Noory interviewed him, sort of anyway. Mostly Noory gushed about his great love of Art and threw in a few questions. Robert Kiviat was the guest for the rest of the show. He gave us the scoop on alien autopsy and the media. An informative, entertaining show. I expect a Kiviat return at least before the end of the year.
Thursday - Sadly, I missed the first hour guest David Darling, but I heard that he talked about Red Rain and was pretty interesting. I will have to go back and listen soon. The rest of the show was Peter Novak talking about something he calls the binary soul. If anyone actually understood what he was trying to say let me in on it. I found it to be boring dribble.
Friday - My dear friend, Linda Moulton Howe, was the guest the first two hours. Linda was telling the story of Thomas C. Sheppard, Chief Yeoman, U. S. Navy and his encounter with alien bodies and documents. I had already read this story at Earthfiles, but I enjoyed hearing Thomas tell part of it himself. I missed most of the second hour and will have to listen later. The rest of the show was open lines, which I also missed, but will not be listening to later.
Saturday -
c2c live with Ian Punnett - Ian is back to one of his favorite topics, the man-dog or werewolf as most would call it. Linda Godfrey was the guest and in my opinion this show rocked! Linda had many new cool werewolf tales. Ian realized that there could be wolfwomen or werewomen. There were some bigfoot mentions, skinwalker ranch and even giant birds and mothman. This show was just plain fun!
c2c am with Art Bell - A rebroadcast of a classic Art Bell and Richard C. Hoagland episode. Hoagie tried impressing Art with all of his most crazy Mars theories, but Art wasn't buying it. Very entertaining, even the second time around.

I give Ian and his Saturday show with Linda Godfrey my favorite show of the week, the Wednesday show with Kiviat was close, but it just was not as much fun.


binnall said...

"Mostly Noory gushed about his great love of Art and threw in a few questions."

Hilarious ! Great recap as always, Lesley. That one line made me crack up and made my morning, thanks !

Anonymous said...

You're friends with Linda? Wow, she's one of my heroes. I didn't like the way she was treated at the UFO Watchdog site, which is why I didn't send them the EVP thing. I met her here in Phoenix a few years back, she's awesome! I think her two hours were the best. I think, although over exuberant, Hoagland is basically right about the Moon and Mars. Let's face it, all of us researching this sort of thing, can at times look far out and kooky. Coast to Coast is sure a different animal then it used to be, though.

LesleyinNM said...

Tim - It probably wouldn't have been funny except that it was true.

Gary - Linda and I hang out when she isn't busy, which isn't that often. I am aware of what UFO watchdog has to say about her. I also am sure I know who fed them that info. Hoagland is probably right about many things, but he is not really the scientist he wants people to think he is and his science in explaining things leaves much to be desired.