Sunday, May 14, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - Noory filled in for Art who was still in the process of moving. The guest was Will Thomas and his friend "Hank," a gulf war veteran. This episode wasn't about mind control in the way I had hoped, but was still very interesting. We learned about devices called "poppers" that transmit microwave frequencies and cause people to be easily influenced, though apparently this does not always work the way the military had hoped and can cause people to become more violent.
Monday - Noory's guest was John DeSalvo who was talking about American prophet Andrew Jackson Davis. Davis was a civil war era prophet and although this show sounded interesting I missed a lot of it.
Tuesday - James Redfield was the first hour guest. I know many people who adore his books, I never found them very interesting though and felt the same about this interview. To be announced turned out to be guest Jessica Utts, who talked about parapsychology and remote viewing. Those aren't my favorite topics and although I tried to listen I just never could get into this show.
Wednesday - First hour guest was Brandon Scott. He was fairly entertaining with his "magic" tricks and now that he has been on c2c he has embarked on a full scale PR blitz. Loren Coleman was the full show guest. I can't say I learned anything new from this interview since I read Cryptomundo on a daily basis, but Loren is always entertaining nonetheless.
Thursday - It was a Lear night. Not only John Lear, but first hour guest Dr. Roger Leir. From Dr. Leir we mostly learned he is doing better after his mystery illness. Many people bash John Lear for being full of speculation, but I will always have a soft spot in my heart for him since he is the one guest who really got me hooked to what is now c2c. Yes, there are wild stories and wild speculation, but that is the fun of it. Although it was a entertaining interview, Noory made the mistake of playing excerpts from an Art Bell interview with Lear and this made Noory's interview seem dull by comparison. Still, I enjoyed the excerpts and the show!
Friday - First hour Noory had on Anonymous, whose real name is now known to all on my mailing list, thanks to Michael. Anon was talking about the history of the Dibbuk Box, a haunted antique box. This was somewhat entertaining. The rest of the show was open lines - yuck!
Saturday -
C2C live with Ian Punnett - A rebroadcast of R. Gary Patterson so Ian could fill in for Art on c2c am.
C2C am - Ian Punnett welcomed guest Daniel Pinchbeck who was suppose to talk about 2012. I didn't get to hear much of this so I am not going to comment on it. I did hear Linda Godfrey the first hour and her and Ian were great together as always.

My favorite show of the week was Thursday with John Lear, I doubt that will come as a surprise to anyone who knows me.

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