Sunday, May 28, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - George Knapp filled in for Art Bell who is still setting things up in his new country. Colm Kelleher was his first hour guest, but not to talk about skinwalker ranch, instead it was mad cow. The rest of the show was John Alexander. I found Alexander to be really confusing, he would insist the government knew nothing about UFOs and aliens and then he would say something about thinking a UFO crashed at Roswell. They know or they don't know, but you can't have it both ways. I also found it rather annoying that he seems to think that people would tell him if the government knew things. For one thing, how would he know he is talking to the right person? Second, why would you tell the guy who goes on c2c to spill the beans about anything that is suppose to be secret?
Monday - Noory returned from his weekend off with guest Mary Ann, who the Ghost Whisperer show is based on. As many know I don't believe much in people who claim they can speak to the dead and Mary Ann said nothing that changed my mind.
Tuesday - Paul Kimball was the guest. I could be wrong, but it seems like many years since Paul has been on. I thought this was pretty good show. He nailed the Serpo coffin closed within the first couple minutes so I didn't have to hear Noory ask that question. I was also surprised to find out that Paul had some belief in the Betty and Barney Hill story, something I would have thought he would be totally skeptical of given the lack of physical evidence. While there is plenty I could disagree with Paul on I don't think that is really important, the important thing is we can all find things that we do agree on, or at least most of us.
Wednesday - Michael Tsarion joined Noory to discuss occult symbolism and the Irish origin of man. It is obvious to me after reading various message boards that others may not find Tsarion as entertaining as I do, that is a shame. How they fail to find entertainment in the Irish accent and wild stories is beyond me. Laugh if you must about the occult symbolism in advertising, but what is advertising, but an occult science of trying to trick people in to buying things they don't want or need? The best part for me was the last hour when Noory got all outraged and tried to stick up for Madison Ave. Get a clue Noory, Madison has all the power and money and they are not worried about Tsarion and don't need you to stick up for them. Besides that, saying that you worked on a advertising campaign for Lite Beer doesn't really improve your reputation.
Thursday - First hour was Paul Williams giving his dire warnings of Al Qaeda having nukes and setting them off in American cities. The rest of the show was with Bob Larson who was telling us all about evil and exorcisms. I was half irritated and half entertained by Larson. The best parts were when he would play a tape of an exorcism and Noory would seem to get very frightened and then say something like "Oh my God! There is no way you could fake that!"
Friday - I confess - I wasn't interested in what the human calculator had to say about the date 6/6/06 or open lines, so I skipped the entire show.
Saturday -
c2c live - Ross "the voice" Mitchell filled in for Ian once again. Dr. Gary Ridenour was the guest, he mostly talked about bird flu and mostly stuff we have all heard before. The best part of the show was the last 5 minutes when Ian called in pretending to be someone who was upset by not being able to make bird crap snowmen anymore. Then he started in about how it was unfair for Mitchell to be so much better than the regular host. It took a while, but Mitchell finally realized it was Ian.
c2c am - Ian Punnett fill in for Art Bell for what he promises will be the last time. The first hour with Ray Harryhausen was awesome even with the bad connection! I think I was in grade school when Harryhausen's last film "Clash of the Titans" came out and I remember totally loving it. I still love it and all of his wonderful films! I heard most of the first hour of guest Bill McDonald and wasn't too impressed, but hopefully I will get around to the rest of the show soon and it will be better.

It is a hard week to pick my favorite since there were no stand out guests like Jim Marrs, but I think I will have to pick Tsarion. All and all it was a pretty solid week with pretty good guests which is why it is hard to choose, but Tsarion and Noory together made for a pretty funny combo.

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