Sunday, June 04, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - It was a rebroadcast with Whitley Strieber and then Nick Begich. I am sure I heard this the first time, but missed it this time.
Monday - It was the Da Vinci Code round table with Laurence Gardner, Glenn Kimball and William Henry. I would have enjoyed this a lot more if it wasn't a round table and was only Laurence Gardner. I am so sick of William Henry that I cringed every time he spoke. Other than that I found the debate to be pretty entertaining and much of Gardner's stuff to be informative.
Tuesday - Richard C. Hoagland showed up the first hour for a few minutes to talk about the search for other dimensions. I find this topic fascinating and enjoyed Hoagie except for his continual mentions of his God, Man and ET DVD. Then the guest we were expecting, Wayne Herschel, somehow mixed up times being that he was in South Africa so we ended up with open lines. Yuck, I watched TV instead.
Wednesday - Linda Moulton Howe was the guest for the first hour. She talked about cattle mutilations and Morgellons disease. The talk of Morgellons made me itch, but it was an interesting first hour. Dale Brown was the guest for the rest of the show. The promo made it sound like he would be talking about border security, but I listened to the first hour and only heard him tell how he sold his first fiction book. I became bored with him and skipped the rest of the show.
Thursday - Dr. Steven Greer was the guest. I normally like Dr. Greer, but honestly his telling of his "personal" experiences and being able to call and have aliens show up whenever he wanted bored me and I also found it hard to believe. Wouldn't higher intelligence such as aliens have something better to do than be at Greer's beckon call? Anyhow I hope in the future Greer will stick to disclosure and whistle blowers because I find it much more interesting.
Friday - I hear Susan Powter was on first hour, I can only imagine what that was about. Then open lines for the rest of the show. I didn't listen since I was seeing the Da Vinci Code with LMH, how cool is that?
c2c live - A rebroadcast of Ian with Clive Prince and Lynn Pickett. They couldn't find a fill in host for Ian? I wasn't willingly to listen to this one for a second time.
c2c am - Ian spent an awesome hour with Dean Koontz! I am not a huge Koontz fan, meaning I haven't read all of his books yet, but I really enjoyed the hour. The rest of the show was spent with alternative energy guru Robert Plarr and his friend and optics expert, Michael Fulton. I have seen a lot of alternative energy homes in Taos and the picture of the one on the website beats them all. I really hope they get this business going because when we added the addition to our house we could not find anyone in Albuquerque to help us be "off grid."

This week I think my favorite was the Da Vinci Code round table on Monday even though I had to suffer through the parts with William Henry.

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