Sunday, June 25, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - I didn't get to hear the first part of the show, but apparently it started out live with Art Bell from the Philippines and then something went wrong and a rebroadcast of Richard Hoagland and Mike Heiser was put on. If you ask me that probably was better than the scheduled guest Seth Shostak.
Monday - Medium John Holland was George Noory's guest. I pretty much loath mediums and I skipped this one.
Tuesday - Randall Fitzgerald was the full show guest and he talked about synthetic chemicals and other horrible things in food and prescription medicine. I have no doubt that much of what he said was completely true, but I doubt it will change any of my eating habits.
Wednesday - Sadly I did not get to hear this entire show and John Anthony West is one of my more favorite guests so I hope to soon. I believe it was West who first put forth the theory that the Spinx is much older than most think. West believes there is water erosion from the time that area was last flooded, which occurred from 10,000 to 5000 BC. Anyhow, I love hearing from West, he reminds me of the old Art Bell days, as he was often a guest back then.
Thursday - Those of us that had been excited thinking that Linda Moulton Howe would be the full show guest were sadly disappointed. Linda was there for the first two hours. She talked about Morgellons, which made me itch the entire time and then the horse suspended in midair in Milan, Italy. The horse pix are not good enough for me to give an opinion on, but they are interesting. The rest of the show was open lines since Noory was going on vacation and wouldn't be there to do his Friday night open lines - like anyone would really miss that.
Friday - Noory was on vacation and they rebroadcast an open lines show. Crikey! Who comes up with this crap?
Saturday -
c2c live with Ian Punnett - Ian's guest was Todd Tucker who discussed the Starvation Experiment. The men who participated in these experiments done during WWII were pacifist who wanted to help in the war effort and volunteered to be part of the starvation experiment. I had my doubts about this show, but it really turned out to be pretty interesting.
c2c am - A rebroadcast of Art Bell interviewing medium James Van Praagh. I don't like mediums in general and find Praagh especially annoying so I did not listen.

I find it hard to pick between the Wednesday and Thursday show especially since I didn't get to hear a lot of Wednesday so I am going to leave it as a tie.

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David R. Poole said...

It's been a pretty brutal week.