Sunday, July 02, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Noory was on vacation last week. I am going to pretty much skip over the rebroadcast and move right to the guest hosts and guests. I will say that there were a couple of good rebroadcasts, Travis Walton and David Icke come to mind.
Thursday - One of my favorite guests switches to host. Steven Quayle did a fill in gig for the babe trolling Noory. I didn't get to hear all of this show. I did hear the entire first hour with Stan Deyo and thought it rocked. Stock up on food and water people! The end is near! The full show guest was George Ure, I only heard the last part of this, but it seemed pretty interesting. Once again, the end is near, stock up on food and water!
Friday - Ian Punnet filled in on the big Friday night show. This was the best Friday night show in ages. Mark Hall was the guest for about a hour and he talked about thunderbirds and other giant birds and owls. I can't hear enough about giant birds. I just love that subject! Then Richard Hoagland showed up to give out some of his info on the shuttle that came from his "secret inside source." Apparently NASA didn't want the shuttle to take off and they want to have an excuse to scrap the shuttle program, according to RCH.
Saturday -
c2c live - Lisa Garr filled in for Ian. Her guests were Astrologer Mark Lerner and parapsychologist Jeffrey Mishlove. I listened briefly, but didn't care for the topic of Astrology, nothing against Lisa as host.
c2c am - Ian hosted as Art is still trying to get a setup that works. First hour was Richard Hoagland, he returned to bask in the glory of being right for a change, the shuttle did not take off, just as he predicted. The full show was Seth Shostak, the guy who makes it so easy to hate SETI. I listened to his reasons that aliens would be using radio signals and wasn't a bit convinced. Do I think SETI has had signals and covered them up? I don't. I don't believe it very likely that aliens use radio signals and I think Shostak is honestly clueless about aliens. I couldn't listen to the entire show, it was the same old Shostak answers and pretty much the same questions only from Ian rather than George.

I think Friday night was my favorite show of the week, though Quayle hosting on Thursday was pretty cool too.

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