Sunday, July 09, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - George Knapp filled in for Art once again. His guests were Don and Vicki Ecker and Bill Birnes all of UFO magazine. Bill Birnes was on by himself the first hour, he talked about Corso and his book with George Noory "Worker in the light." Thankfully Knapp did not let him talk very long about worker in the light. The rest of the show covered all kind of UFO topics. Knapp kept messing up his breaks, but it didn't really matter because this was still an all around great show.
Monday - Noory was back from vacation and we were promised a revelation from him on the JFK assassination. What we got instead of that was some cheesy story about a mob boss asking some kid if he knew why JFK was killed and then telling him it was because he had forgot who he worked for. Noory took this to mean that the mob were the ones JFK was working for and that they planned and executed the assassination. Even if what the guy told Noory was true, I don't see it that way. The mob boss could have easily have been talking about the secret government, illuminati or whatever else you want to call them and the mob was just hired to help carry out the plan. After telling this tale Noory had on guest Lamar Walden who is the only person besides Noory who believes the mob were entirely behind the JFK assassination. The fully show guest was Cliff Pickover talking about parallel universes and such, he was a fairly interesting guest.
Tuesday - The guest was David Darling to talk about NASA and space missions. I didn't get to hear a lot of this so I will not say more than that.
Wednesday - George L. from was the guest. I really didn't get to hear as much of this as I wanted and will have to listen to all of it later because I am a fan of that website. I will say that during the part I heard I don't think George L. took a breath, he was quite a talker, though it did seem that he had some interesting stuff to say.
Thursday - Robert Zimmerman was the guest. He talked about NASA and space missions which is the same subject matter as Tuesday so far as I know. Some interesting stuff and some boring stuff, but an OK show.
Friday - I hear that Dr. Morgus was on the first hour, but I didn't listen because I rarely do on open line Fridays.
Saturday -
c2c live - Ross Mitchell filled in for Ian who was hosting c2c am, yet again. Neil Slade was his guest and the subject was to be brain potential. I was out with my family having a belated b-day dinner for my niece Jayme so I didn't get to hear any of it.
c2c am - Ian Punnett filled in with guest Doreen Virtue. She had some strange theory about aquatic apes, along with other more metaphysical stuff. Not at all my cup o' tea, but it was somewhat interesting at times, like when she talked about fairies and merpeople.

My favorite show of the week was easy to pick, it was Sunday with George Knapp hosting.

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