Sunday, July 23, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - George Noory filled in for Art Bell with guest Jeff Belanger and they discussed ghosts. This was a better show than I expected. Belanger had some pretty interesting ghost stories that he told as just that, without trying to attribute too much meaning or push any theory.
Monday - I understand that Howard Bloom was Noory's guest the first hour, but I missed that. The rest of the show was Jack Cashill talking about flight 800. Although I had heard most of this before, it had been a long time. Flight 800 conspiracy isn't as talked about since 911, but is still very compelling and Cashill did a good job presenting his case.
Tuesday - Douglas Hagman was on the first hour spinning some of his theories about Israel, Hezboolah and terrorism. Adam the dreamhealer was the guest for the rest of the show. I wasn't very impressed with Adam and didn't listen to much of the show. Apparently Noory wasn't impressed either and dumped Adam in favor of open lines the last hour.
Wednesday - Maurice Cotterell joined Noory to discuss ancient secrets. I like that topic, but Cotterell was just OK. It was one of those shows that you can get some good stuff out of, but a lot of it is just not so spectacular.
Thursday - Gary Busey was on the first hour and although I am not much of a Busey fan it was a quite hilarious hour. I can see Busey and Turi hanging out and doing some babe watching while pretending to meditate or something. Mark Hall was the full show guest. I love cryptozoology and most especially giant birds and I loved the show! Noory asked his standard "are there still dinosaurs roaming the earth" question and then specified which types of dinosaurs he preferred to still be roaming. Noory also seemed to get quite freaked out by the thought of giant bats and asked some sort of question about giant bats being vampires.
Friday - First hour was Ed Okonowicz talking about haunted objects. I only caught part of that, but I am sure it was better than the open lines that followed.
c2c live with Ian Punnett - Ian's guest was Phillip Carlo. They discussed Carlo's new book about serial killer and hitman Richard Kuklinski. Carlo was on with Noory a while back and that show was good, but this show rocked! I think the difference was pointed out by Carlo when he said to Ian "It sounds like you actually read the book." Ian had read the book and asked great questions. We heard all kinds of freaky tales about Kuklinski, from his early childhood up to his death, a suspected poisoning by Sammy "the bull" Gravano. I am hoping for a return by Carlo to the Ian show to talk about his other books sometime soon.
c2c am with Art Bell - Art made yet another return to the air and this time all seemed to go well even though Art was in the middle of typhoon Glenda there in the Philippines. Art's cats had made it safely there, flying first class. The guest was James Gilliland. For those who don't know, Gilliland is kind of like an American Billy Meire. At one point Art called him "foo foo" which he then changed to new age. I liked foo foo better. I am not sure exactly how I feel about Gilliland, but I do know that I have heard him and his stories enough times now that I don't find him very entertaining.

It was tough because I really enjoyed Mark Hall, but this week my favorite show of the week is going to go to Ian Punnett and Phillip Carlo. Kudos Ian!


nolocontendere said...

I'm coming to respect Ian a bit more these days.

LesleyinNM said...

Neuro - I hate to totally disbelieve anyone because I wasn't there, but I have a really hard time believing Gilliland.
Nolo - I have always liked Ian, but I have really liked Ian lately. I like that he does read the books, something Art always did too and he is very entertaining as well.