Sunday, July 30, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - Art survived the typhoon and was back for the Sunday edition of c2c. Dean Radin was the guest. I am not a big Radin fan and although I listened to bits of this I wasn't very impressed.
Monday - Time for a border security show and the guests were Jerome Corsi and Minuteman Jim Gilchrist. I really do not like Jerome Corsi, but I was intrigued by this show. The thing that intrigued me was that Jerome kept mentioning the council on foreign relations and other similar groups. Did he finally get wise and realize that his guy Bush may be part of the NWO? It seemed that way. Not that I expect him to retract anything he previously said about John Kerry during the election, but at least he is maybe getting wise that Bush is equally as bad.
Tuesday - Mary Rodwell was the guest. My understanding was that she is big into the starchildren. I have little interest in that topic so I didn't listen to much of this show. I understand that it was also laced with abduction stories, so if I get bored I may eventually listen to it.
Wednesday - The rip off show of the week. David Standish was there to talk about the hollow earth. The problem was that Standish didn't actually believe in the hollow earth. It literally takes all of the fun out of the show to have a guest who doesn't believe in the subject he is talking about.
Thursday - 3 hours with Linda Moulton Howe. She weaved an impressive tale of alien bodies being examined at Wright-Pat. A second hand witness, but nonetheless a riveting story. I suppose belief in this story hinges on whether you believe the guy telling the second hand story. Some found him too rehearsed, but I thought he was believable. I can imagine he did rehearse even if the story was true. If I was going to do an interview that I knew would be played on c2c I would probably rehearse too. I would probably even have notes so I didn't screw anything up. Nobody wants to sound like a dork on world wide radio.
Friday - Open lines. Who cares?
c2c live with Ian Punnett - The numbers lady Glynis McCants was on the first hour going over her normal number stuff that we have now all hear a zillion times. Then the return of Captain Sweeney! I like Capt Sweeney, he is very entertaining! Really he is quite charismatic because I think a lot of his sea stories would bore me to death if told by someone else.
c2c am with Art Bell - All seemed well in the Philippines. Art hit us with the hot news that he was not "preventing" the start of a new family. I believe I predicted that when he first remarried so now my hit record exceeds Ed Dames. His guest Michael Sunanda was suppose to be an "expert" on global warming, but turned out to really only be a Richard Hoagland devotee. I only listened to the first hour with him, but he didn't seem to really know very much and my understanding is that Art ditched him early in favor of open lines.

My favorite show of the week was easily Thursday with LMH.

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