Sunday, August 06, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - First hour Art Bell welcomed Dr. Steven Greer. This short hour would cause ripples throughout the early part of the week on c2c. Greer related to Art that he has inside info from someone at SETI that they have received signals. The rest of the show was spent with John Hogue. I didn't get to hear much of Hogue, but what I did hear sounded like the normal doom and gloom you would hear from him, Dames or Morton.
Monday - Buzz Aldrin was the guest for the first hour. This hour would have caused controversy all by itself. People on various lists I am on felt he danced around the question of whether he had ever seen ufos by only saying that he sued over the seeing "little green men" story and that Noory did not press him hard enough. I have said about all I am going to say about the rest of the show with Richard C. Hoagland here and also in Grey Matters which will be posted this coming Tuesday.
Tuesday - Seth Shostak was the first hour guest. Shostak is always annoying, but even more so this time as Noory fawned all over him, saying how wonderful SETI is and worrying that Steven Greer had somehow hurt SETI. The rest of the show was Craig Webb talking about Dreams. Ho hum, it was pretty much like any other show about dreams.
Wednesday - After all his bashing of Greer and ufologists Noory had the nerve to have Sean David Morton on. Talk about someone with no proof. I am talking about his claimed accuracy rate. Did Noory go after him on the wrong predictions he has made? No, of course not. Morton was actually there and could have tried to defend himself and Noory only says bad things about people behind their backs.
Thursday - I had been looking forward to Michael Cremo, but I think I was just too disgusted with Noory from the whole rest of the week to actually listen. What I did hear sounded like a great Cremo episode and I do plan to listen to it sometime soon. Binnall had this to say about the show in the Binnall Report.
Thursday, the guest was Michael Cremo to talk about forbidden archaeology. This episode was pretty good, but I was kind of burned out on C2C by this point and hit the sack earlier than expected. The pop in was Stan Deyo, who was talking about earthquakes and that was mildly entertaining as well. To put a final, hilarious, topper on the week, Noory had to spend the first few minutes of the show covering for SDM for the fact that nothing happened in the Middle East that day, despite his lengthy prediction the night before. Ah, karma is a bitch.
Friday - The guests for the first couple hours were new media whores Dr. Adrian Finkelstein and Sherrie Lea Laird. For those of you who somehow missed this story in the mainstream media, Laird claims to be Marilyn Monroe reincarnated. Everyone is always Cleopatra or Caesar, they are never some poor person who died drunk in a gutter somewhere. I did not listen since I had already seen Laird on numerous TV news shows.
Saturday -
c2c live with Ian Punnett - I totally missed Ian this week. Shame on me! His guest was Dr. Steven Miles talking about the ethics of torture which seems like a oxymoron to me, but I will get around to listening sometime soon.
c2c am with Art Bell - Art spend part of the first hour sticking up a bit for Steven Greer, good for him! His guest for the rest of the show was Lauren Weinstein talking about computer privacy. I only got to hear the first hour of Weinstein, but it seemed like a pretty good show that I may get around to listening to the rest of.

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