Sunday, August 27, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - Art's guest was Freddy Silva to discuss crop circles. I didn't hear this and the reviews I have heard don't make it sound as though I missed anything.
Monday - Noory's guest was Brian Weiss. They talked about past and future lives. My favorite part of the show was when Noory mentioned his future self Dexter Monterey and how he found out about Dexter. Weiss told him that he doubted that was true, but that he guessed Noory could come back as Dexter if he wanted.
Tuesday - Andre Eggelletion was the first hour guest. Andre is always interesting and informative and I think deserves a full show sometime soon. Dr. Tom Van Flandern was the full show guest. I enjoy Dr. Van Flandern and would have enjoyed the show a lot more without Richard C. Hoagland showing up for at least a full hour of it. Why does Tom, who has a Ph.D in astronomy from Yale have to share a show with RCH? What is even worse is that Noory seems to be checking info from Van Flandern with RCH. Who is more qualified there to check the other's data? It would make a lot more sense to have Van Flandern checking on RCH's information. More than that I am just tired of hearing from RCH all the time.
Wednesday - Paul Guerico of The Merlin Project was the full show guest. The most entertaining part of this show was Guerico continually reminding Noory that he has asked him that question before. Noory has the habit of giving the same interview each time a repeat guest is on and Guerico is the only guest I have heard say anything about it. It seemed like there was about 6 times he told Noory that he had asked him that question before. My favorite one was where Noory said "I bet nobody has ever asked you this question!" and Guerico said "I have been asked that before. Last time I was on the show you asked that."
Thursday - Finally, a real UFO/alien show! Whitley Strieber was the full show guest. Anne Strieber showed up the second half hour and chatted for a bit too. I so much enjoyed this show that it inspired next weeks Grey Matters. I won't say much about it now other than Whitley is a fascinating guest.
Friday - I hear there was some channeler on the first hour, but I don't listen to open lines shows and missed that. Not a subject I would download to listen to either.
c2c live with Ian Punnet - First hour Ian did a voice comparison with "Simon" and Peter Levenda. Ian didn't seem to think it was Peter. Peter tells me that he is not Simon and I believe him, not that I ever thought he was. Then Linda Godfrey showed up to talk about the Maine "creature." I agree with Linda, the poor dead thing is only a dog. During his chat with Linda, Ian said something about Chows being grumpy. I wrote him insisting on an apology to me, my dog and all Chows and their keepers. I didn't get one, only that while he knows mine is adorable, he was once bit by a Chow and still thinks they are grumpy. Oh well, at least he could tell by the pic that mine is adorable. The full show guest was Marc Stevens. Stevens thinks we need a legal system based on the free market rather than laws. I thought that was what we had? Anyhow, Ian really held Stevens feet to the fire and I can't blame him. That being said, I don't want to totally trash Stevens because he had many interesting ideas. However, his idea of insurance companies enforcing the "non-laws" didn't make much sense to me since I have had dealings with insurance companies.
c2c am with Art Bell - First hour during Art's open lines someone called in about the nuts in the 9/11 movement. Art stood by not believing the 9/11 conspiracy, but he did at least admit that not all the people who believe it are nuts. Art's guest was Dr. Rick Strassman who has been researching DMT, sadly Strassman had a cold and was dumped after the first 30 minutes. Art promises to have him back soon. The rest of the show was open lines and I am hoping since Art had his open line show this weekend that maybe he will at least keep Whitley longer tomorrow night. In fact, I fast blasted him about that and a few minutes later he mentioned that Whitley would be on tomorrow for at least an hour. To me that means he will try to keep Whit on longer.

My favorite show of the week is an easy pick - Thursday with Whitley.

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