Sunday, September 10, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - First Art Bell gave us the sad news of Steve Irwin's passing. The interview Noory did with the Croc hunter is a classic and now will sadly never be duplicated. Ed Dames was the full show guest. Dames spent much time bragging about having some winning lottery tickets. I suppose he wants us to think this is due to remote viewing, but if you buy enough tickets you will win. I use to know a guy who won something every week, but he also bought about 50 tickets for different games.
Monday - Noory's guest was Jeff Danelek. The show was about ghosts and reincarnation. Maybe I was just not in the mood for it, but I thought it was really boring and never made it past the first hour.
Tuesday - The Corsi count continues to rise, just as I predicted. Jerome Corsi was there the first hour to talk about a new oil find in the gulf of Mexico. The full show guest was the awesome Richard Dolan. At one point Noory returned to his bashing of Greer and praised Seth Shostak as being truthful in his opinion. Dolan shut Noory down, sticking up for Greer and then saying he had no trust for Shostak. Noory then tried to move on and bash Steven Bassett and Dolan didn't go for that either. Dolan explained to Noory that people cannot just reveal their sources, something you would think Noory would know. Although I thought Noory was rather rude to Dolan at times by trying to insist on proof for everything, Dolan handled it well and came out the winner of the Noory secrecy debate. Noory had said that he didn't believe people can keep secrets and that ufo information should have leaked out all over by now. Dolan explained that it had leaked out everywhere and Noory had to agree that there were people leaking information. The bad part of this show were the two Richard Hoagland pop ins during Dolan's interview. If I want to know what is going on with the shuttle I can check the news, I don't need Hoagie.
Wednesday - I only heard the first hour that had an all too short pop in with Peter Robbins. It would be nice to hear a full show with Robbins sometime soon. The rest of the show I missed, but the guest was Professor Ken Hanson who was suppose to talk about lost bible secrets.
Thursday - I didn't get to listen to this until Friday and by that point I had heard some not so great reviews. The guest was Robert Y. Pelton who was suppose to be talking about military contractors, but he talked about a lot more than that. I was suprised, I thought the show was pretty good. Yeah, Noory asked some stupid questions and didn't keep Pelton for the entire show because Noory thought his phone was going out, but I thought Pelton had some interesting stories.
Friday - As is known I don't listen Friday nights because it is normally open lines. What I read at the c2c site was that Hoagland was there for one of the hours with a tribute to Star Trek. That sounds rather entertaining so I may have to download and listen sometime. Also, sometime during the show was a replay of the c2c Steve Irwin interview. I heard this the first time, but plan to download that hour to add to my collection.
c2c live with Ian Punnett - Ian interviewed Michael Trudeau about a cashless society. Ian didn't seem to have much against the thought of a cashless society, but still manged an entertaining and even at times thought provoking interview. Sadly, he seemed to steer Trudeau away from any true conspiracy talk.
c2c am with Art Bell - Dr. Simeon Hein and Scott Flansbury were the guests and were suppose to be talking about crop circles. I didn't get to hear this entire show, when I was first listening Dr. Hein seemed to be there and they were talking about crop circles. However, later when I returned to it Hein was gone and I believe Flansbury was talking some 911 conspiracy stuff, which was pretty cool considering Art doesn't believe in that. I will have to listen to this interview soon because I am interested in what all went down so far as the 911 discussion.

My favorite show of the week was an easy pick - Tuesday night with Richard Dolan.

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