Sunday, September 17, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - Art Bell's guest was Dr. Steven Greer. Dr. Greer talked about all kinds of stuff, ufo disclosure, alternative energy, space based weapons and even OBE's. Many people seem to dislike Dr. Greer for some reason. I don't agree with some of what he says, but I don't have any big problem with him and I thought this was one of the more entertaining Art Bell nights in quite a while except for when Whitley was the guest.
Monday - It was the 911 special. Noory hosted with a variety of guests. First up was David Hawkins, he had some sort of theory about 911 being done for pension and insurance money. Different, but I am not too sure about that theory. Next up was Lisa Guliani and Victor Thorne of Wing TV. Strangely enough, considering all the mean, horrible articles they have on their site about George Noory, neither had enough balls to say anything to his face. I guess convictions fly out the window when you are on coast to coast radio. Next up was Alex Jones. I listen to AJ often on my wi/fi radio while cooking dinner or doing various other chores and there wasn't much new in this for the AJ regular. He did tells us about how things were at ground zero during the anniversary of 911, which was new, but that is about it. Howard Bloom was the final guest and I totally missed him.
Tuesday - Joyce Riley showed up first hour to tell us all about the gulf war syndrome being declared not a real disease. Robert Schneck was the full show guest. I was really very impressed with Schneck and his weird stories. So much so that I will give him the huge compliment of calling him America's Lionel Fanthorpe. Schneck was full of enthusiasm and great stories! I hope to hear much more from him in the future.
Wednesday - The only disappointment with Loren Coleman being on the first hour was that he was only there for the first hour. Yes, Noory once again asked him if dinosaurs might still roam the earth. I was surprised that Noory didn't ask about the photo of that huge winged creature that someone sent Art last weekend. Loren talked about the copycat effect briefly and then more coastish stuff, like the Sumatran Rhino, Bigfoot, various giant birds and so on. If only he could have stayed for the full show because after he left we got stuck with Angela Moore. Moore's summary says she spoke about psychic energies. I tried to listen while cooking dinner, but found her so annoying and boring that I switched to the Alex Jones show.
Thursday - Phillip Mantle joined Noory to discuss Soviet ufos and other ufo related topics. A very enjoyable show! My favorite part came when Noory once again asked for "the hard evidence" and Mantle went into discussion of Rendlesham and then said "what more do you want?" He went on to explain that there were numerous photos and videos too. Reminded me very much of what I think I would have said. A little too much alien autopsy talk for me, but I suppose there are still people who think that film is real and the show was too good to whine about that part, which was still more enjoyable than most.
Friday - The first hour was guest J. Edward Cornelius. Cornelius talked about Aleister Crowley and the Ouija board and I would say was fairly interesting. He might be a good guest for a full show sometime. The rest of the show was open lines so I watched a movie instead.
c2c live with Ian Punnett - The one and only Jim Marrs showed up to chat about the trans Texas corridor. Ian seemed very confused and kept asking Marrs about Bush suspending elections and becoming dictator, something that as far as I know and I have listened to Marrs a lot is not one of his beliefs. Sadly the was not enough time for Marrs to explain to Ian the answers to the questions being asked. I was sad that Marrs got so little time, but not that sad when Steve Hodel turned out to be an awesome guest. Hodel told us all about the Black Dahlia murder and why he believed his father to be the murderer. He certainly seemed to have enough evidence to be proof for me. As Johnny Depp says at Hodel's website "It's pretty fascinating stuff."
c2c am with Art Bell - Former JPL/NASA guy, John Mankins was the guest. He was there to talk about solar satellites, space shuttles and such. I just don't care that much about that subject and I thought most of the show was totally boring. I am well aware that many will have enjoyed this show, but it was not my cup o' tea.

My favorite show of the week was Phillip Mantle on Thursday. Robert Schneck on Tuesday was a close second.

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