Sunday, September 24, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - Art's guest was Phillip Gardiner. I found Gardiner's talk of secret societies enjoyable, especially the part where he joined one and had to kiss a goat's arse. Sadly, he only stayed for 90 minutes or so. Apparently he was exhausted from his transatlantic travels and Art decided to let him off the hook. I hope he will return sometime soon.
Monday - I totally missed this one so I will let Binnall do the talking -
The Noor was back in action and the show was fraught with terror and hilarity. He began by going ape poop over some dude, Hamid Mir, who talked to Bin Laden and said that an attack was eminent. The Noor managed to find this guy and had him on for the first half hour. Interesting stuff, kinda spooky. Noory trumpeted it like he'd just discovered the cure for Polio, which got kind of tiresome after a while.
Anyway, Belanger was all about the vampires and poor Noory seemed like he was struggling to catch up to "what all the kids are doing these days". Thankfully, Belanger managed to slip some interesting tid bits into the conversation, including how Whitley Strieber played an odd little influence into the vampire subculture. Sadly, the Noor tried to make him out to be a vampire legend, but Belanger shot that down pretty quick and I nearly passed out from laughing so hard. The psychic vampire stuff was pretty good to great, seeing as she brought more to the table than the usual two stories we've heard about the subject before. The whole thing sounded kind of bogus, but it was intriguing nonetheless. I'd also be remiss if I didn't mention how the sexual element of vampirism kept coming up, seemingly to innocuous questions by Noory, leaving everyone feeling kinda dirty or grossed out. Overall, thumbs up to Belanger for her info and for The Noor going goth. So long as he doesn't end up going emo, we'll be okay.
You can read the full Binnall Report at
Tuesday - I had my doubts about this show, as I thought it would all be about the Noory/Birnes book, "Worker in the light." Thankfully it wasn't. It was mainly about Phillip Corso. The Corso notes were mentioned, Birnes said they are pretty much told the same story as the book, but what I have heard from others who have seen them is that they are not very much like the book. They need to be released so I can decide for myself. To me the shocker of the night is that Noory and Birnes are writing another book, this one fiction and about a time traveler. Can someone please spare us this? I would suggest that Noory start reading some of his guest's books so he can be a better interviewer, rather than writing his own.
Wednesday - TBA turned out to be Charles Ostman. He was talking about synthetic biology and although I heard part of this, nothing stuck in my mind about it. Not a subject I am very interested in.
Thursday - With the ESA photos of Cydonia being released, who else would show up the first hour, but Richard C. Hoagland? The photos, for those who haven't seen them, show nothing that really looks like a face. I found myself disappointed about that, but not nearly so much as RCH. Hoagland was unwillingly to admit defeat and instead gave the excuse that science isn't in the seeing, it is in the data. Who knows? Hoagie was totally bummed, not just about the photos, but also what he saw as personal attacks at him, by the mass media. Really the articles he mentioned were much nicer to him than what I would have expected. How naive is Hoagland that he would expect something better than what he got from them? Given the bashing he gave ufologists a couple weeks back, any personal attacks on him are well deserved.
The full show guests were bigfoot researchers John Bindernagel and Jeffrey Meldrum. This was a pretty interesting show, though I didn't get to hear all of it. Both seemed to be very serious, sincere researchers who were dismayed that their scientific research is not taken seriously by other scientists. I didn't hear the last hour, but apparently someone called in with a seemingly creditable story of the Russians having the body of a bigfoot. You can find out all about that call at
Friday - Linda Moulton Howe joined Noory for the first 2 1/2 hours. We got to hear the lowdown on the Kinross object from a member of the dive company that found it. The Kinross story is totally fascinating, but frustrating because nobody will be able to return to the object until next summer. I am not sure what the odds are of the object still being there by that time, if it is truly a ufo, I expect the US gov to swoop in and "recover" it. The rest of the show was open lines and not worth listening to.
c2c live with Ian Punnett - The first guest of the night was Walter Bosley, who spent about 90 minutes talking with Ian. He was talking about Ley Lines and Disneyland. It sounds kind of stupid and boring, but it really wasn't. I thought it was a very interesting theory. It sounds like Bosley is writing a book about his Disney theories with Greg Bishop, so I expect he will return with Greg for a full show in the future.
Ian's guest for the rest of the show was screenwriter Joe Eszterhas. Eszterhas had many interesting Hollywood tales and was very entertaining. Ian pulled a Noory during the show, which greatly upset me. Eszterhas was talking about working for Rolling Stone and started to tell us some Hunter S. Thompson stories when Ian interrupted and asked about someone else. Ian - never interrupt a guest who is talking about something interesting, it pisses off the listeners.
c2c am with Art Bell - Apparently the Art Bell hates Filipinos email hoax is making the rounds again. I will only comment on that by saying Art does not hate Filipinos and any idiot who ever listened to the show would know that. Art's guest was sky car inventor Paul Moller. I listened to a bit of this show, but it was pretty much the same as all the shows I have heard with Moller and until I can have a sky car, I am not interested.

My favorite show of the week was Tuesday with Bill Birnes.


Anonymous said...

I have never been an advocate for the "Face on Mars", but I do find it curious that the ESA/MSSS 3D data does appear to be manipulated with elevations on the landform that do not exist in any other data, including the other 3D ESA images released simultaneously. Remember when Hoagland called the UFO field disingenuous? Well these space organizations are equally disingenuous at times, and some of their data can not be trusted, either. It seems Hoagland received a little instant karma. I believe he is right this time though, the 3D data which made all the news articles has been slightly manipulated leaving me to wonder if there is not something to the "Face". The processed ESA Cydonia images are actually quite striking.
Yeah, if they wait until next June to retrieve the object in Lake Superior, it will be gone.

LesleyinNM said...

I don't think they have any choice but to wait. They have to get the OK from the Canadian gov and I don't believe even if they got it tomorrow they would be able to recover it until summer. It is a sad situation.