Sunday, October 01, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - Art's guest was Joe Klimo and he talked about the afterlife. This was an OK show, or so I thought. It became clear to me from comments that Art made that though he may have remarried, he is far from being over Ramona. He could well have a happy marriage that will last until his death with his new wife, but none of us ever quite get over those who we have loved and lost.
Monday - Noory's guest with Phillip Carlo. I won't say this show was as good as the one Carlo did with Ian Punnett because it skimmed over the surface of a lot of different things, but it was still very interesting. I liked the part where Carlo told Noory that werewolves were probably made up because nobody at the time could believe that humans would be serial killers and committ such crimes and Noory said he would also rather believe in werewolves. Yeah, and so would I. Carlo was full of New Jersey bravado, calling serial killers punks and I believe scaring Noory by saying that he knew Richard Ramirez was probably listening and then calling him out. Carlo is very charismatic and always makes for a great show.
Tuesday - Jerome Corsi was the guest for the first hour. This was a perfect example of why I don't like or get Corsi. First he went on and on about the secret government and how people in the Bush administration knew about it and were helping form the North American Alliance, then he complains about Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad saying bad things about Bush. Corsi plays both sides and I don't like that. Then, finally a TBA that I could be happy about, Stanton Friedman! Noory once again returned to his new favorite question about Greer and Shostak. I will give Noory credit, as he seemed to ask the question in a less adversarial (towards Greer) way. Stanton answered something like although he hated to side with Shostak he believed Shostak was right in that example. So there is a way to ask and answer the question without having to be unduly rude towards Greer. Stanton also talked about the Majestic Documents, Roswell, Corso and other interesting topics. Kind of strange that Noory would ask about Corso, given that he is writing books with Bill Birnes and must know darn well, as the rest of us do, how Stanton feels about Corso.
Wednesday - David Sereda was the guest. I didn't get to hear a lot of this show, but what I heard sounded pretty interesting, but also like Sereda's two videos that I have. I like Sereda and I think he has some intriguing theories so I will probably get around to listening to the full show soon.
Thursday - Graham Hancock was the guest for the full show. This was a fantastic show! Hancock discussed his book "Supernatural." I had been a bit worried about not enjoying this show much since I have heard Hancock discuss this subject before, I was wrong. I think this was much better than the show he did with Noory when the book came out. Hancock discussed fairies and what I would call the fairy realm. He tied that and other ancient folklore in with ufos and alien abduction. He did make it more clear this time that he believes there is a physical element in some alien abduction, which is the question I had after the last show. He had a couple of rabid callers who thought taking ayahuasca would open people up for demon possession, but he handled them well. My favorite was the caller who thought nobody should take hallucinogenics because they are "dangerous." When Hancock asked him if he had ever taken any he answered that he had tried pot once. Hancock rightly informed him that pot is not a hallucinogenic and that people who hadn't tried them really had no business telling others what they can do with their own mind. Hancock also had some great points about why the government does not want us to expand our minds. Noory related that David Icke had invited him on a field trip to try Anahuasca with a Shaman and sadly Noory had turned him down. I could go on and on about what a great show this was, but I will stop there for now.
Friday - Noory fit in several guests during the first hour. The first was Alex Jones. I know what Alex was trying to say because I had listened to his show earlier, but he never really got to say much of anything given the short amount of time he had. Ed and Kris Sherwood were the next guests and they talked about recent ufo sightings in Santa Monica. The rest of the show was open lines and I skipped them as I normally do.
c2c live with Ian Punnett - Ian's first guest was hostage negotiator Clint Van Zandt. Van Zandt had been one of the hostage negotiators at Waco and had some interesting stuff to say about the school shooting in Colorado last week. The rest of the show was spent with Larry Arnold talking about spontaneous human combustion. Arnold didn't have any answer to what causes SHC, but had many strange stories to share and threw out some theories. A lady called during the show that was the granddaughter of one of the men mentioned in Arnold's book and she didn't believe his incident was SHC, but had no real evidence of anything else it could have been either.
c2c am with Art Bell - First hour we got to hear all about the typhoon Art experienced last week. It sounded like something I could do without, not that I need worry about one in NM. Art's guest for the rest of the show was Dr. Stuart Hameroff. The topic was one of Art's obsessions, consciousness or mass consciousness. I didn't get to hear the entire show, but what I heard sounded pretty interesting. I did hear Art mention at the end of the show that he felt it had been a classic c2c episode and the best he had ever done on consciousness, so I may have to listen to the entire thing sometime in the future.

It should have been a hard week to pick a favorite show, considering all the great guests, but one show stood out for me and that was Thursday with Graham Hancock. Normally Stanton could easily grab my favorite, but Graham knocked my socks off this time.

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