Sunday, October 15, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - Art's guest was Doug Beason who was talking about energy weapons among other things. I listened to around 2 hours of this, but living in NM it was a conversation I could have anywhere, with any number of people including several relatives so I found it pretty darn boring.
Monday - SDM was the first hour guest. I would comment about something informative or true that he said, but nothing comes to mind. Noory's guest was Doug Elwell. I listened to this show expecting it to be about Irish folklore which was what the c2c website said, but it was about a lot more including end times prophecies. I liked the Celtic folklore best, but thought it was all around a pretty entertaining and informative show.
Tuesday - If you like to be force fed paranoia, this was the show for you. Jeffrey Epstein, who claims to be the member of a non-partisan group seemed pretty damn partisan to me. He stuck up for the Bush administration wherever needed and yet jabbed at Clinton whenever there was a chance. He was talking about terrorism, suitcase nukes, how evil Iran is and so on. To give Noory some credit for a change, he asked some pretty good questions and at one point pretty much asked if the Bush administration wasn't trying to keep us afraid and paranoid for their own purposes. Kudos to Noory!
Wednesday - Dr Vernon Neppe was the guest. I loved his accent! His theories about Deja Vu were interesting and I think quite likely. I thought the fact that he had identified 4 different types of Deja Vu, with some having different explanations than others was interesting too.
Thursday - Another guy with a great accent, Patrick Heron. Heron spoke about the apocalypse and nephilim. Thursday was not a good day for me and I didn't hear much of this show, but what I did hear sounded pretty entertaining.
Friday - According to the c2c website, Noory hosted Friday the 13th open lines. I believe Binnall predicted that in the Binnall Report.
c2c live with Ian Punnett - Ian's first guest was Dr Kim Paffenroth. Paffenroth was a fabulous guest! He and Ian mostly talked of his new book about Zombies, but also mentioned was another book of his about scifi TV. It turns out that Ian is a big "The Prisoner" fan like myself. Ian is so awesome that I had to make him his own Ian as number 2 gif. I will post that tomorrow or sometime. The zombie subject was pretty cool too. I love all the George Romero movies and Shaun of the Dead. The next guest was former FBI negotiator and profiler Clint Van Zandt. That was also an enjoyable interview, but it seemed to mostly be about FBI mistakes at Waco and Ruby Ridge.
c2c am with Art Bell - Art was suppose to have a live show, but apparently there were technical difficulties and we ended up with a rebroadcast. Dr. Leir was there to tell the anticlimatic story of the "alien claw." Then every body's favorite Martian Richard C. Hoagland was there to talk about Mars. Hoagie complained that Art always argues with him, so I guess we can guess from that past show why Hoagie is always on with Noory these days.

I have to give my favorite show of the week to Ian Punnett. It is not entirely fair because that is the only show all week that I got to hear all of, but that is also why I have to pick it. Also, I really enjoyed Paffenroth.

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