Sunday, October 29, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - Stephan Schwartz was Art's guest. He talked about water and consciousness. I didn't get to hear all of this show, but what I heard was better than I had expected. Art said he had also thought it would be boring, but ended up finding it intriguing.
Monday - Noory returned from his long weekend with guest Howard West and talking about the watchers and ancient texts. West was an odd guest and I never could really figure out what he was trying to get across. Apparently Noory felt the same way and ditched him after only 90 minutes. Richard C. Hoagland then turned up to give an update about Data's Head as he calls it. I didn't learn anything new about Hoagie's Head during this update, but Noory felt people want to hear more about it and really Hoagie was more entertaining than West.
Tuesday - A dream show for Noory as he got to discuss his obsession with Edgar Cayce. The guest was Kevin Todeschi was the spokesperson for A.R.E., an organization founded by Cayce. Noory tested Todeschi's Cayce knowledge with little known Cacye trivia. I think Todeschi passed these tests. Noory was all fanboyish throughout the interview which made it far more entertaining than it might otherwise have been.
Wednesday - David Darling was back to talk more about the universe. I didn't get to hear a great deal of this show, but what I heard sounded pretty interesting.
Thursday - The one and only Brad Steiger was the guest. Steiger can talk on many different subjects, but since it is nearing Halloween he stuck to poltergeist this time. Steiger is really always a great guest because he is so full of energy and enthusiasm. This was a great Halloween show! Brad made all the necessary corrections to the recent Bell Witch movie "An American Haunting," which I had just seen a couple night before and been quite disappointed with. Though I can't totally hate anything that Donald Sutherland is in.
Friday - First hour, June DiMaggio and Mary Jane Popp discussed their new book about Marilyn Monroe. I thought it was a fascinating hour and I was disappointed when it was over and Noory moved on to open lines. I think Noory could have kept them for at least another hour because nobody but Noory would miss the hour of open lines.
c2c live with Ian Punnett - Ian's guest was Katherine Ramsland and the subject was serial killers. For the most part this was an interesting show. Ramsland had a bit of an abrasive personality and managed to dismiss Phillip Carlo and Truman Capote as not knowing much of anything about serial killers and in Carlo's case as being too easy to believe what they tell him, even though she admits she never read Carlo's books. Kudos to Ian once again! This time for playing the Danny Elfman theme from Sleepy Hollow as bumper music!
c2c am with Art Bell - Art's guest was Barbara McBeath of the GIS (Ghost Investigator Society). Barbara's regular sidekick Brendan Cook was sick with the flu. Even though I do not for the most part believe in ghosts, I always find the GIS EVP's fun and interesting too. If you have heard any of the GIS shows you can pretty much guess what the show was like and it was perfect for Halloween season!

Thursday night with Brad Steiger was my favorite show of the week!


nolocontendere said...

I was looking forward to that guy Howard West and his subject matter. I don't think I've ever been turned off by a C2C guest quite so fast. Too bad, ancient civ is fascinating stuff which is why Graham Handcock is always good.

LesleyinNM said...

I was the same way. Graham is my favorite, along with Robert Buval and a few others. West seemed to know nothing about history or the watchers as far as I could tell. In fact, I am absolutely sure I know more about history than West did.