Sunday, November 05, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - Art's guest was Derrel Sims. Art mentioned the dreaded ufo researcher "in fighting," just proving that it is noticed by everyone. They rip each other apart and do more damage than the skeptics that are out there, said Art and that is often true, imo. Sims hinted at a huge story that he was working on that would be equal to Roswell, only it is not in the hands of the government. He wouldn't say more than that, no matter how Bell proded. I was worried there for a while that Bell would throw him off the show for teasing him with the story, but he didn't. Sims told a bit about his evil alien theories and screen saver memory, which I thought was fascinating. According to Sims, when screen saver memory is taken away people's friendly alien memories are replaced with screams. I also like his statement about people who think they were abducted vs. people who think they are contactees. According to Sims, those who feel they were abducted have clearer memory of what actually happened than contactees.
Monday - Rosemary Ellen Guiley was Noory's guest. She talked about magic, hauntings and shadow people according to the c2c website. I don't know what it was about this show, but even though I had it on I never really became interested in it and by the time it was over I couldn't remember a darn thing that had been said.
Tuesday - Art's annual Halloween Ghost to Ghost program. As always it was filled with spooky stories from listeners. I always enjoy ghost to ghost, but it seemed to be even better this year. I guess there are some instances where a call screener is actually a good thing because they can weed out the more boring stories.
Wednesday - Remote Viewer Joe McMoneagle was the guest. The highlight of this show for me was when McMoneagle was asked about Ed Dames and said that none of his predictions have ever come true and that basically Dames is liar to say he ever worked with McMoneagle because they never worked together and McMoneagle would quit if he did have to work with Dames. I was ROTFL! Noory's answer to that was a puzzled "hmmm...," and then he quickly moved on to something else.
Thursday - Tim Good was suppose to be the guest, but something happened and instead we ended up with the Alien & UFO Special. Guests were Robert E. Farrell, Jim Marrs and Dr. Roger Leir. I have a feeling this was a last minute thing that Noory had to throw together because Dr. Leir is on with Art on Saturday. I didn't tune in until the second hour expecting Tim Good to come on at that time, instead Jim Marrs was there. Normally I would be thilled to tune in and find Marrs, but this time I was a bit disappointed since I had been looking forward to Good. I listened to Marrs and enjoyed his and Noory's conversation, but then I tuned out since I knew I would be hearing Leir on Saturday for a full show. Hopefully Tim Good will make it to c2c in the near future.
Friday - First hour guest was Dr. Louis Turi. I am not sure how many myspace bulletins I received from Dr. Turi reminding me of his upcoming c2c appearance, but I would guess at least 6 in the 2 days prior. Turi had big predictions for my birthday - November 18th – Terrorism, dramatic news involving the police, sex, secrets, famous people death and finances. I would hope none of that has to do with me or those celebrating my birthday.:-) As always Dr. Turi was very entertaining, whether any of his predictions come true remains to be seen. The rest of the show was the normal Friday night c2c fare of open lines and boring callers.
c2c live with Ian Punnett - One of my fave Ian guests stopped by first hour, Ray Harryhausen! He was talking about the rerelease of "She" from 1935 on DVD, which I can't wait to see and may even have to order. Howard Bloom was the full show guest. Bloom was a lot of fun for the first hour telling us about his days as a fashion designer and Editor for Circus magazine and how his son caused a big stir dressing as Hitler for Halloween. The rest of the show was the normal Bloom stuff, mostly how Iran is planning to attack us within 6 months, according to him. I have my doubts, but I guess we will see what happens.
c2c am with Art Bell - Dr. Roger Leir was Art's guest. The best part of this interview for me was when Art asked Dr. Leir about the Illuminati. I think he believed Leir would say that was a bunch of crap, but he totally said the opposite, which forced Art to quickly change the subject. Wake up Art! Almost everyone who pays any attention to the subjects talked about on c2c believes in the Illuminati. Something like 63% of people polled, just regular people, believe the government is lying about 911. Yet, Art still clings to his belief that America is his ideal of it. I would think just the stories reported on CNN would convince him otherwise, but he is stuck in his ways. That said, please do not send me emails about how Art is a member of the Illuminati or a Mason. I don't believe that, Art is just naive, not evil.

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