Sunday, November 26, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - Jim Bell was suppose to be the guest, but due to technical difficulties we ended up with open lines. Art's special topic was people who had sold their soul to Satan. He has had that line before and although it was somewhat entertaining, I didn't stick around for much of the show.
Monday - Richard C. Hoagland made one of his pop ins for the week during the first hour. The rest of the show was Dr. Bruce Goldberg who talked about many things including psychic attacks, dreams, soul mates and other rather new age topics. Normally I don't care for shows like this, but Goldberg was so funny and entertaining that I made an exception.
Tuesday - Chuck Messler was on to talk about the bible code. The first hour was really boring as it was just about the mid east situation and nothing to do with the bible code. The rest of the show was what I will call "Messler's interpretation of the bible code, according to his fundamentalist Christian beliefs." I know that makes this sound like a horrible show, but it wasn't really. I don't believe as Messler does, but he had some interesting points and it was a fairly entertaining show.
Wednesday - The JFK assassination special! First hour was Paul Groody who had been the mortician for Lee Harvey Oswald. I liked Groody a lot! He was super entertaining, with lots of odd little factoids. It was great to have someone there who had actually been involved in the event in some way. Next was Jim Marrs for 30 minutes. I didn't feel Jim really had enough time as I would have liked him to discuss the Robert Kennedy assassination a bit more, especially considering the new movie. Even though I have heard Marrs say everything he said during this interview before, I still enjoyed it. Lamar Waldron was the guest for the next half hour. Lamar seems to be one of those who believes the assassination was totally planned and exucuted by the mafia, where I believe they were involved I believe it was planned by a much more secret and powerful organization. In short, I could have done without Waldron. Next guest was Alex Jones for a full hour. Although I somewhat question the choice to have AJ for a full hour on this show rather than Marrs, I did truly enjoy it. The new thing I learned from AJ was that he and Marrs are making a film on the JFK assassination, which I think will be awesome! Also, I thought there were some really interesting calls towards the end of his time, including a man who had served in the military under David Ferry and who discussed how Ferry would hypnotize him and those he served with. Also, there was a lady who called who saw a man, who was not Oswald, getting in a car with a rifle after Kennedy was shot. The final guest was Brad Steiger and I still haven't had a chance to listen to his interview, but I am sure it was good since Steiger is always a interesting guest. This was an overall great show!
Thursday - Hoagland was back again for a few minutes during the first hour. The full show guest was Lloyd Pye, who discussed the Star Child skull, bigfoot and a few other things. Although, I am not sure I believe exactly as Pye does, I do find the Star Child very interesting and pretty much enjoyed this show. Pye also mentioned a special on National Geographic Channel about the Star Child, but I forgot to write down when it is. Hopefully someone will remind me.
Friday - Linda Moulton Howe joined Noory the first couple hours. Yes, he did play "She's a lady" as bumper music. Linda talked about a recent cattle mutilation in Montana and also cattle mutilations in general. A very interesting couple hours. Sadly, Noory had two hours of open lines that followed.
c2c live with Ian Punnett - Ian took a long holiday and we ended up with a rebroadcast of his interview with Michael D'Antonio about Milton Hershey. A great interview the first time around, but I skipped it this time.
c2c am with Art Bell - Reporter and editor for the Washington Post, Joel Garreau joined Art to discuss his new book, Radical Evolution. I wasn't sure that I would enjoy this show, but it turned out to be awesome! Garreau talked about technology being worked on by DARPA, mostly medical advancements and enhancements for humans. Art and Garreau talked about the good and the bad scenarios that could result from these advancements.

Wednesday's JFK assassination special was my favorite show of the week!


The Dixie Butcher said...

Not 100% sure, but I think it's supposed to be on tonight, Lesley. At 6pm EST a couple shows on NGC look like possibilities - either Atlantis at 6pm or Ancient Astronauts at 8pm. Check your local listings, as they say... :)

Just found your blog yesterday - great stuff, am looking forward to being a regular reader! -Dixie

LesleyinNM said...

Yeah, you were right and I managed to miss it, but I am sure it will be rerun, probably hundreds of times.
Thanks for dropping by!