Sunday, December 31, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - David Sereda joined Art. Sereda talked about the new documentary he is filming and singularities, among other things. It was interesting to hear him on with Art instead of George. Art seemed a bit skeptical when it came to some of Sereda's theories, but all considered this was both an entertaining and interesting show.
Monday - Dr Hugh Ross was the guest and I hesitate to comment much on this show since I only heard bits of it, but it didn't really seem like my cup o' tea. From what I gather, Ross was talking about earth being unique and that there are no signs of life anywhere else in the universe - boring.
Tuesday - A very interesting show, Robert Miles was the guest, he was discussing his new film "Fastwalkers." Throughout the show others who appear in the film dropped by, such as, Paola Harris, Michael Salla, Alfred Webre, Elliot Maynard and Anthony Miles. I missed the last two that I listed, but the other guests were all very entertaining and Robert Miles even told a personal ufo tale about how he was taken to Jupiter. I like the revolving guest format and I think in this case it worked particularly well. It was also entertaining to hear the other guests comment on Miles ufo encounter story that they hadn't heard before.
Wednesday - Replay: Kathleen Keating/Ray Bradbury.
Thursday - First off the bat, was the news that Bell is back in Pahrump! Thank Goodness! We need someone there by Area 51. Then it was a Lesley Dream Show! Art Bell and Graham Hancock, together again! Newbies may not know that Hancock was a frequent guest back at the height of Art Bell Show. Hancock was one of the people that went with Bell on that now legendary cruise to Egypt. I was interested to hear how Bell would handle this new Hancock who talks less about ancient mysteries and more about opening your mind with the help of ayuhuasca and he did a great job. I am thinking that Hancock could easily talk Bell into going on one of these "trips" with him. Icke tried to talk Noory into it, but that didn't and probably never will happen. At least one of the c2c hosts need to do this, in the name of science.
Friday - Ian filled in for Art, who was suppose to be filling in for George. During the first hour many called in to tell Ian that they didn't believe that it was Saddam who had been hung. Ian found this interesting and put off the guest John Jay Harper for an extra half hour. John Jay Harper did make it on though and he talked about solar cycles and related subjects. I only heard about an hour of Harper, but enough to realize that I had heard him on c2c or somewhere before. It seemed to be an OK show and probably better for someone who hadn't heard Harper before.
c2c live with Ian Punnett - Ian's guest was Caryl Dennis and she talked about vanishing twin phenomenon. Strangely, Ian seemed to know more about Elvis' twin than she did, but other than that she knew all kinds of weird little twin trivia. She also suggested that many of the vanishing twins were actually abducted by aliens. A pretty good show. Maybe it is just me, but Ian seems a little grumpy this week and not as fun as normal.
c2c am with Art Bell - Part 1 of the open lines prediction show. My guess is that the audience predictions are just as likely to come true, if not more so, than the so called psychics. I am not a big fan of open lines shows, but ghost to ghost and the annual predictions show are exceptions and are normally pretty fun to listen to, as I found to be the case with this show.

For the second and last time of 2006, Graham Hancock was my favorite show of the week.


Anonymous said...

About the ayuhuasca trip..
Quote: thinking that Hancock could easily talk Bell into going on one of these "trips" with him. Icke tried to talk Noory into it, but that didn't and probably never will happen...

As I remember, Stuart Wilde tryed allso
to talk G.Noory into a "Ayuhuasca Trip". Wilde allso said in the same show (C2C - 2nd Feb. 2004),that he was the one that convinced David Icke to try ayuhuasca, when he was on one of his trips to "?" (was it Brasil?) Cant remember!


Anonymous said...

It's awesome to have Art back in the Great American Southwest!

LesleyinNM said...

Hans - maybe it was from Wilde that I heard about Icke trying to get Noory to go with him. I can't remember for sure either.

Crow - very nice to have Art home!