Sunday, January 14, 2007

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - Art's guest was Lynne McTaggart and they spoke about one of Art's favorite subjects, consciousness. I can't remember anything exceptionally good about the show at this point, but I do remember that I mostly enjoyed it.
Monday - Dr. Joyce Hawkes, consciousness and healing. I couldn't do 2 consciousness related shows in a row so I had to skip most of this one. What I did hear sounded pretty good, but also seemed to be the common theme that positive thinking can help people heal.
Tuesday - Steve Hairfield spoke about ancient prophecy and 2012. As everyone knows I don't care for prediction shows very much and even though it is only 2006, I am already sick of the 2012 topic. As with all shows of this type we will have to wait and see if any of the predictions come true and I won't be holding my breath, especially since the ones Hairfield made before on c2c for 2006 didn't come true.
Wednesday - Christopher Dunn, Robert Schoch, Michael Barsoum and Margaret Morris were the guests for the c2c pyramid roundtable. I know this was a pyramid roundtable, but the parts I enjoyed most were when they discussed coral castle. I think this show was too much about theories of how the great pyramid was built and what I would have rather heard would have been theories of why it was built.
Thursday - Steve Quayle was the guest and as is normal for him he spoke about the bible, giants, prophecy, ufos and a few other strange topics. One of the things I really love about Quayle is that even though he is what I would consider a Christian, he always manages to really piss off the Jerry Falwell/Pat Robertson types. There was at least one call where someone seemed to be accusing him of doing the devils work. All and all I give Steve lots credit for being less defensive this time, which is something I complained about the last time he was on. I find Quayle endlessly entertaining and as with all his shows I really enjoyed this one.
Friday - John Titor family attorney Oliver Williams, film maker Scott Norwood and Larry Haber all popped in first hour to discuss time traveler John Titor. I don't necessarily believe the Titor story, but I do find it entertaining. The rest of show was open lines, during which Noory played poker with some lady over the phone, incredibly dull in other words.
c2c live with Ian Punnett - Ian's guest was Dr Pauline Chen. They discussed her book Final Exam: A surgeon's reflections on mortality and some other interesting medical topics such as people who wake up in the middle of surgery. We also found out that Ian's doctor does not give out pain killers, much to Ian's dismay. A pretty good show so far as non-paranormal shows go.
c2c am with Ian Punnett - It was an Ian marathon as he continued broadcasting for Art who was having some sort of electrical problem, making it 8 straight hours of Ian. I believe Peter Lance had joined Ian for the first hour of live, he returned for the first hour of c2c am. As normal he seemed to talk through the entire 2 segments without taking a breath and also as normal he gave me a headache. Ann Druffel then joined Ian in the second hour to talk about ufos, aliens and ancient mysteries. I was really enjoying Druffel, who I thought was there for the entire show, but I missed the final 15 minutes of that first hour and Ian returned without Druffel and with no explanation, so I am not sure what happened to her. The rest of the show was open lines, the highlight of which was JC calling in to talk to Ian and the guy who claimed to have been the antichrist.

Ann Druffel would have probably had a chance if Ian would have kept her around, but as things turned out Thursday with Steve Quayle was my favorite show of the week.

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