Sunday, January 21, 2007

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - Ed and Kris Sherwood were there to discuss crop circles and ufos. This show was as bad as a ufo show can get. Kris and Ed are fine for first hour guests, but they really couldn't hold up an entire 3 hour show. Art did the wise thing and let them off the hook early.
Monday - Dowser Raymond Grace was the guest. I do a bit of dowsing myself, so I probably find Grace a bit more interesting than a lot of other people would and I enjoyed this show, but didn't get to hear all of it. Still I did pick up a few pointers to improve my dowsing skills. If you are interested in dowsing I know you would enjoy this show, but I am not sure about those who aren't. Although, Tim Binnall seemed to really enjoy this show and so far as I know he doesn't do any dowsing.
Tuesday - Nick Begich joined Noory to talk about mind control. This was a great show! HAARP was mentioned, but not much. This subject fascinates me because I know 2 people who have been, I don't want to say forced, but coerced into being subjects in government mind control experiments, so I know they exist. There was so much in this show that I wouldn't even know where to begin so instead you should listen for yourself. Even if you don't believe all of it, it will make you think about what might be happening or could happen in the future.
Wednesday - John Lear was the guest. He was talking about what he thinks are mining operations on the moon. I know I already bitched about this, but here I go again, Noory let Richard Hoagland take up the full second hour. Lear only managed to get in a few sentences during that hour. Hoagland babbled on and on with stuff that most of us have heard a 1000 times before. At one point he even had the nerve to say he is a physicist. He accused Lear of seeing things that aren't there because according to Hoagland you can't tell what objects are, only that they aren't natural. This from the guy who wants us to believe he found a robot head on the Moon? Give me a break. I did enjoy the two hours without Hoagland and would say they are worth listening to, especially if you think there could be mining operations on the moon and a secret space program.
Thursday - Gregg Braden was there to talk about what he called "the divine matrix." I didn't hear the entire show, but it sounded to be basically about positive thinking, the power of prayer and what is referred to as the field. Those are things I believe in and yet there have just been too many shows on that subject matter lately and I am a bit burnt out.
Friday - R. Gary Patterson was there for the first hour and he and Noory discussed the Big Bopper and the new investigation into the plane crash that killed him, Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the others. After that it was open lines, which was full of shadow people stories and completely boring as normal.
c2c live - James "Jason" Wentworth the man with a horse soul was the guest. I don't really have any problem believing that Wentworth could have a horse soul, but I didn't find the topic interesting enough for an entire show. Maybe it was because Ian just had a show about people who think they have non-human souls a couple weeks ago.
c2c am - Charles Seife was there to talk about decoding the universe. I didn't hear a lot of this show, but apparently many people liked it and Art is going to have Seife back again next weekend to continue the conversation.

Since Hoagland and Noory botched up the John Lear show, Nick Begich on Tuesday was an easy choice for my favorite show of the week.

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nolocontendere said...

I hope Lear is scheduled again. You get the sense he knows a lot more than he lets on.