Sunday, January 28, 2007

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - John Jay Harper was Art's guest. He warned of all kinds of impending doom, due to solar flare activity. I think Ed Dames would have really liked him. Sure I suppose what he was saying could be possible, but it was a bit much for my taste. Still, I found the interview entertaining for a while and I am sure many people enjoyed it.
Monday - Noory's guests were Andrew Sinclair and Mark Pinkham. The secrets and history of Rosslyn chapel was the subject. There were two bad things about this show, first Mark Pinkham shouldn't have been there. Sinclair was a great guest and could have easily carried the show alone. I didn't feel Pinkham really added to the show at all. Second, Noory seemed completely unprepared to interview Sinclair, many of his questions had to do with the movies The Da Vinci Code, Indiana Jones and Braveheart. On the good side, Sinclair handled those questions in a elegant manner and then moved on to the more interesting things he wanted to say. Also on the bright side, Pinkham did not take up a lot of time and Sinclair did most of the talking. This could have been a Excellent show and even with the flaws was still pretty great.
Tuesday - Albert Taylor was there to discuss OBEs and paranormal investigations. This was a pretty fun show. Taylor was entertaining as well as having some pretty good stories. He talked about his paranormal investigations and even played a few EVPs.
Wednesday - Numerologist Glynis McCants was Noory's guest. I normally enjoy Glynis in comparison to other "seers" of the future. Glynis is always peppy and always makes Noory blush at least once. Even though I can't see him, I know he is blushing. I didn't get to hear a lot of this show, but it sounded like the normal Glynis show. Truthfully, if you have heard her once or twice you probably aren't going to learn anything new from hearing her again.
Thursday - Charles Ostman was there to talk about China, technology and the future. I really enjoyed this show. I also learned something new about Ostman, he believes in the Illuminati. I know I have heard a bunch of shows with him in the past and if he mentioned that before I totally missed it. Truly it surprised me because I always think of him as a technology geek and I really wouldn't have expected him to believe in such things.
Friday - A Friday without open lines! How rare and wonderful! First up for the first 2 hours was Linda Moulton Howe. Linda told the amazing story of a farming family in North Dakota who had been experiencing many strange things. Some of their animals had been mutilated, they had seen strange crafts in the sky and the son had even been attacked by a non-human creature. A very interesting story. Next up for the final 2 hours was Alex Jones. I must give Alex some credit, he has really chilled out a lot recently and it makes him a lot more enjoyable to listen to. As always he was full of important stories of the North American Union and 911 related stuff.
c2c live - Dr. Les Carter, anger expert was the guest. He talked about anger and narcissism. I only heard about the last hour of the show and as normal with Ian the show was better than I would have expected.
c2c am - Art had a big announcement the first hour, baby Bell is a girl or so the ultrasound said. So I will no longer be referring to her as baby Bell and she will instead now be Asia Bell, which is what they have decided to name her. Art wanted a girl and was very happy. Charles Seife was back for the second weekend in a row. He and Art talked about other dimensions and the multiverse. A very good show. I missed most of his show last week and may have to download and listen since I enjoyed this one so much.

Several really good shows to pick from last week, but I think Friday with Linda Moulton Howe and Alex Jones was my favorite.

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