Sunday, February 04, 2007

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - Dr. Orrin Pike was Art's guest. Actually Dr. Pike wasn't really against mathematics, but rather against using them to construct models of the future. He pointed out that such models are normally wrong. That is something I noticed years ago and why people still think mathematical models are accurate is beyond my understanding and apparently Dr. Pike's too. All and all this was a pretty interesting show.
Monday - A new guest for c2c, it was Brent Miller. He was there to discuss the Horizon Project, which is made up of scientists who analyze data in order to predict the future. They predict all sorts of doom and gloom to come. However, I must say it was rather ironic to have this show following Dr. Pike the night before who pointed out how models are almost always wrong. Will the Horizon Project model be correct? If the earth is still in one piece and without major catastrophes at 2012, I would say not.
Tuesday - Strangely enough, I missed the only ufo related show of the week. I heard part of the last hour, but have no real clue what they were talking about. This is what Tim Binnall had to say about it: J.J. Hurtak returned to C2C on Tuesday to talk about all sorts of esoteric matters. After the first hour of the interview, they also brought in Desiree Hurtak, JJ's wife, to discuss more ancient esoteric stuffs. Strong episode that covered a variety of topics, including UFOs, Egypt, and, surprisingly, sound.
Wednesday - I was totally fascinated by this show with Chip Coffey, especially the part where they interviewed "Maria." It was Maria's house that John Lennon assassin Mark David Chapman claims to have become possessed by demons in. Maria agreed that it was highly possible and that there were strange happenings in that house. Coffey says that in recent years he has been forced to take a demonologist with him to all hauntings because of the increase of demonic beings.
Thursday - Although I am pretty burnt out on consciousness shows, I did listen to part of Dean Radin. This was probably a great show if I wasn't experiencing burn out and even though I was it was still pretty darn good. There was a lot of talk about food and using intention to fuel it with energy, happiness and good health.
Friday - There were several guests the first hour, but I can only remember Stanton Friedman. Stanton actually stayed on for the second hour, even though it was obviously way past his bedtime. He talked about the O'Hare sighting, shooting down ufos and tons of other stuff. A much welcome visit, we never hear enough from Stanton.
c2c live - Former FBI undercover agent Tom McShane was Ian's guest. They talked about art heists and organized crime. I learned a lot about what terrible security many museums and art galleries have. I only heard about an hour of this show, but I may listen later because McShane and Ian seemed to hit it off and be having a great time.
c2c am - What could I say about Seth Shostak and SETI that Stanton Friedman hasn't already said? Probably nothing. Anyone who has ever heard Shostak pretty much knows what he said because it is always the same conversation. To give Bell some credit he was far harder on Shostak than Noory ever is. That didn't mean that Shostak changed his answers, but at least he had to squirm at bit more than normal, which made the show more enjoyable.

I will have to pick Wednesday and Chip Coffey for my favorite show of the week.

One more thing:

Happy Superbowl Sunday and GO BEARS!


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I've just discovered your site through the Book of Thoth, and it's already in my favorites. Awesome place.

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Thanks Jane! You made my day!