Sunday, February 25, 2007

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - Art's guest was Ralph Sawyer, he discussed China and how it is a great threat to the US. This show was OK for a while, but it got old pretty quickly. Not my cup o' tea.
Monday - Gunnar Thompson was Noory's guest. He talked about the infamous ancient Chinese map of the new world and said to date from 1000 AD. I have heard the dating of that map disputed by others, but Thompson seemed sure that it was as old as claimed. I found Thompson very interesting and was disappointed that he was only there for 2 hours.
Tuesday - This show with guest James Gardner sound like it would be good and it was somewhat entertaining, but turned out to be more mainstream than I had expected. Gardner seemed to have some sort of friendship with Seth Shostak and although he didn't agree with him on everything, he brought him up way too often for my taste. Noory for some reason seems to adore Shostak and seemed to encourage speaking of him.
Wednesday - Alex Jones was there the first hour to talk about the new information on the Oklahoma City bombing. This was a pretty awesome Jones pop in. Paul Stonehill was there for the rest of the show and he talked about ufos in Russia, mostly from the Soviet era. He had all kinds of great stories, it made me feel bad that I still have his book sitting on my shelf waiting to be read. He talked about Cosmonaut sightings, Phobos 2 being zapped by a ufo, Tunguska and much more. A very enjoyable show!
Thursday - I missed most of this show with Todd Murphy, but according to the c2c website he discussed the brain's involvement with spiritual and paranormal experiences. Sounds kind of interesting.
Friday - Linda Moulton Howe was there for the first half of the show to discuss the disappearing honey bees and the seed vault project. I always prefer Linda's ufo/alien shows, but it was still pretty interesting. Sadly after she left we were stuck with open lines.
c2c live with Ian Punnett - Ian's guest was Dr. John Abramson. Abramson talked about the cholesterol myth. This is something I already knew about, but Abramson added a lot of other interesting things about prescription meds in there. Ian seemed to be totally on board with Abramson. It was about as good as a health related show could be.
c2c am with Art Bell - I am not sure what happened with guest Dick Criswell, but Bell dumped him after his first hour. I am going to guess it was because he really didn't make a good radio guest. Noory would have probably put up with him for 2 hours, but Art doesn't have much tolerance for those types. The rest of the show was unscreened open lines, the way they are suppose to be.

My favorite show of the week was Wednesday with Alex Jones and Paul Stonehill.


Regan Lee said...

I loved the interview with Stonehill, but I fell asleep. It makes it hard to listen to C2C when you have to get up early for work.

so I finally went and got stream link-- I registered, downloaded the thing, it works, seemingly, but the C2C site keeps telling me I'm not authorized; they don't recognize my user name, etc. even though I got confirmation from StreamLink. Frustrating! I emailed them, we'll see if I get anywhere.

Anonymous said...

wrong leslie
i mean come the line up was terrble no morgus oscar or jc
this week is like not getting
coats in the cold
stonewall was boring
r lee you need to start a petion
or something to make coast to coast am steramlink free
we pay for art bell @ his round trip fare @ punnet @ noory over
sized salary when will the fans get something in back

LesleyinNM said...
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LesleyinNM said...

Anon - Although I find JC very entertaining and oscar mildly entertaining, Morgus I just find stupid and boring.
So everyone has their own taste, I thought Stonehill was intersting and I think that Morgus should stick to the preschoolers.