Sunday, May 06, 2007

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - Ryan Wood was Art's guest. As expected he talked about ufo crashes, for the most part. Since I live in New Mexico the most intriguing part of this interview was hearing about Area 29. Part of White Sands, it is where Ryan seems to think they relocated everything that had been at Area 51 in Nevada. Aside from Area 29 there were other great discussions about alleged ufo crashes, some that may still retain some evidence. This was a good and solid show for ufo buffs, of all degrees.
Monday - First hour guests were buxom blond bombshell, Pam Anderson and openly gay PETA member and author, Dan Mathews. I realize some did not like this part of the show, I think because they didn't feel it was a c2c topic, but I loved it! To me, that is what the first hour is for, to be experimental. I would never suggest Pam, Dan or the PETA topic for a full show, but I thought it was a great first hour. Really I have to say that I found it more entertaining than the rest of the show with Andrew Collins. It isn't that Collins said anything that I have any real issue with, I just couldn't seem to follow what he was trying to say and therefore became bored. Maybe I was just tired.
Tuesday - Michael Salla was the guest and I will admit to totally skipping this show. It wasn't because I hate Michael Salla or anything like that. It was because he was also the guest on BOA audio. Since I am planning on writing about Binnall's interview with Salla in an upcoming edition of Beyond the Dial (in ufo magazine), I didn't want to confuse or taint my thoughts by listening to Noory's interview.
Wednesday - Jan Hodges joined Noory to talk about future technology. Hodges says that by 2025 we will have flying cars. I think according to other guests and their past predictions I am suppose to already have a flying car, so I will believe it when I have one. It would be nice, but I am not holding my breath for it, nor the free energy, time machines and other stuff he mentioned.
Thursday - Binnall dubbed it "the night of the unbanned" and that is exactly what it was. Nancy LIEder was the guest for the first half of the show. That was like when your crazy old aunt, who hardly anyone has heard from in years, shows up for Thanksgiving dinner. Yeah, entertaining in a bizarre way, but you can't believe anything she says, especially about planet X and Zeta talk and you wonder what the real purpose of her appearance was. Next was David Booth. I seriously thought he was totally and forever banned after the Sister Lucia debacle, but apparently there is a real shortage of guests or Noory didn't feel he could spent 3 hours with Lieder. Really I have to say that I am glad Booth wasn't forever banned because his prophecy talk is highly entertaining.
Friday - Open lines, time for Lesley to catch up on her movie watching.
c2c live with Ian Punnett - Once again, Ian cranked out a kick ass show. His guest was Mark Ribowsky, who talked about his biography of Phil Spector. One of those stories of the insane genius, which come around fairly often and leave you scratching your head wondering about how someone can be so brilliant and so flawed at the same time. The talk of the wigs was fascinating. I really never knew what the deal with Phil's wigs was and I still am not sure, but I do know it is weird and that Phil loves his wigs.
c2c am with Art Bell - Art's guest was Brother Michael Dimond. I am NOT a brother Dimond fan and therefore only listened to the first part and last part of the show. While some crazy people are enjoyable for entertainment purposes, it is because they aren't hurtful to those who may not believe as they do. Brother Dimond seems to condemn everyone who doesn't believe as he does to hell. I think this is because he follows the Catholic Church and not the bible. I have read the new testament and it is far lacking in the judgementalism Dimond has. In fact, I think it says "whoever believes shall have eternal life." Not whoever believes, but isn't gay, or says the mass in Latin and the list of other heaven banning sins that brother diamond has. I enjoyed some of the callers during the last hour, as they made Dimond try to defend himself. The sad part is, he has to use church teachings to defend himself, not the bible and they are two totally different things.

Ryan Wood was my favorite guest of the week, but Ian Punnett's show with Mark Ribowsky deserves an honorable mention.


Rich said...

I like the c2c rewind since I rarely get to listen to c2c anymore. Also, I like the added commentary on each show. It is a good rundown.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Colorado:

Just wondering what you make of the pictures of the strange craft that are posted on the website?


Anonymous said...

Brother Dimond doesn't follow the Catholic church...he is a schismatic who thinks the current church is invalid, and the seat of the true pope is vacant. He basically thinks everyone is condemned except those who believe his own opinions, it seems. He is not in communion with the Catholic church, and he doesn't believe there is any church to go to these days that is valid.

LesleyinNM said...

Anon -- You are right. I probably should have made that more clear. Brother Dimond follows what he claims were the Catholic teachings prior to Vatican 2 and he believes that the new Catholic Church is evil.

Anonymous said...