Sunday, May 13, 2007

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - Art's guest was roboticist and writer, Daniel H. Wilson. I tried listening to this and some of the AI stuff was interesting, but all I want is a Rosy! You know, that robot on the Jetsons that cleaned house day and night? Until I can have one of those, my interest in robots is minimal.
Monday - Sharry Edwards joined Noory to discuss her research in human bioacoustics. Edwards thinks that you can evaluate a persons health and other traits by analysis of their voice. The highlight of this show to me was the first hour visit by Stanton Friedman.
Tuesday - War in space, yawn. Mike Coumatos and Bill Scott discussed how our satellites are vulnerable to attacks, like you didn't know that. I have a feeling that probably a lot of people enjoyed this show, but it wasn't my thing and I felt most of it was nothing new.
Wednesday - Stephan Schwartz was the guest, he discussed consciousness and remote viewing. I really didn't hear a lot of this show so I will skip commenting on it.
Thursday - Voodoo Priestess Maria Burton was the guest. This show was somewhat entertaining in a crazy type way, mostly due to Noory's questions. This woman is giving away her fine liquor and cigars to spirits, which I don't think is a great idea. Who wants a mischievous, drunken spirit hanging around?
Friday - After a pretty boring week, Ian Punnett filling in for Noory is a big breath of fresh air. First hour, Charles Lindbergh Jr. stopped by to update us on his quest to force the family to give DNA evidence so he can prove he is the real Lindbergh baby. Open lines followed, which were silly, but still seemed more entertaining than the previous shows of the week.
c2c live with Ian Punnett - Trevor Marriott was Ian's guest. He was a former British murder squad detective and they discussed Jack the Ripper. Marriot had some interesting theories, which I think sounded pretty valid. A very interesting show and as always Ian was totally fun.
c2c am with Art Bell - I missed the first hour with Evelyn Paglini, but I didn't miss Richard C. Hoagland. Y'all know that I often make fun of RCH, but in comparison to the rest of the week this show was totally great. My favorite part actually happened in the last minute, RCH tried to talk Bell into putting him in touch with Robert Bigelow. I have to admit that I find RCH more entertaining when he is talking about robot heads on Mars, but Art kept him pretty focused on the disappearing bees and it was still better than Noory's boring week day shows. Art did bust his balls a couple of times, but nothing so funny as when he called him "big dick Hoagland" a while back.

I never thought I would say this, but my favorite show of the week was Richard C. Hoagland on Saturday.

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