Sunday, June 10, 2007

Coast to Coast Rewind - The new version

There were actually several shows last week that I enjoyed listening to.

First, was Sunday with George Noory filling in for Art and guest Nick Pope. Nick Pope formerly worked for the MOD investigating UFOs. Noory and Pope discussed the new Freedom of Information releases in Britain, the Rendlesham Forest incident and the Cosford incident. I didn't listen to the entire show because I have heard Pope interviewed many times, but I know that it was probably a great show for those who haven't.

I didn't find another show I was interested in until Thursday when Bill Birnes was the guest. I really enjoyed the first hour of this interview, I especially liked that UFO Magazine was mentioned frequently. :-) The second hour Noory and Birnes were joined by remote viewer Paul Smith. I am not a big remote viewing fan, but I still found this part interesting. I especially liked when Noory told Smith some of Ed Dames predictions and he laughed and said something like Ed has a great imagination. Uri Geller was the guest for the third hour. My clock was not repaired and my spoon was not bent, I was disappointed.

Saturday is the best c2c day of the week, IMO, that is because Ian Punnett does the early shift and hosts c2c live. Ian's guest was Don Schmitt. Schmitt has a new book out about Roswell and actually even had a few new tidbits of information. Amazing that stuff continues to be dug up 60 years later. I haven't heard Ian do many ufo related shows and I thought he did a great job with this one.

Saturday night Art Bell returned from his mini maternity leave. He did much raving about his new baby girl, Asia Rayne. As all parents, he seems to already be convinced that she is the smartest baby on earth. He was joined the first hour by Whitley Strieber and they discussed "the strange craft" and then global warming (yawn). For the rest of the show Art was joined by paranormal researcher Paul Eno. I only heard the first hour of this, but much to my surprise it was quite good and I plan on listening to the rest sometime tomorrow.

So there you have it, the new version of c2c rewind, only the shows I liked. I discovered that I enjoy c2c much more when I only listen to what I like.


Anonymous said...

Saturday nights show with Art was really good. I only listen on the weekends when it's about paranormal topics.

Anonymous said...

I particularly liked the Nick Pope show. Its interesting that the British government seems to treat the subject of UFOs with more seriousness and openess than the U.S. government does. I also really liked Wednesday's show with Patrick Conway. Everything he said was absolute rubbish in historic terms, but it was a fun show nevertheless. I'm looking forward to Monday's mysterious places program. By the way, Lesley, what are your favorite C2C topics? I like the crypto shows the best, but they are usually few and far between.

- Jarret

LesleyinNM said...

Probably easy to tell by this blog, but I like the ufo, cryptozoology and conspiracy shows the best. I also really love ancient mystery type shows if there is a good guest, such as graham hancock. I don't care for what I think of as new agey shows. I am almost completely burnt out on consciousness shows and I am totally burnt out on global warming shows. It isn't that I have anything against those subjects, there have just been too many shows about them recently. Especially global warming which is in the main stream media as well. Really though, I find I can like any subject as long as the guest is good at explaining it and knows what he or she is talking about, but there doesn't seem to be as many of those lately.

Cyn Bagley said...

Well, I have a friend that met Art Bell when he lived around Pahrump. He sure did a good show. FUN and strange.

LesleyinNM said...

Art did a great show back then!