Sunday, June 03, 2007

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - Art's guest was former AF Captain Robert Collins. I had looked forward to this show and ended up being quite disappointed. The disappointment was mostly Art Bell's fault. I have read Exempt from Disclosure and it was quite obvious that Art hadn't, from what I could tell he hadn't even bothered to read anything on Collin's website. Not only were Art's questions not good, but he was very rude throughout the interview. He would say things like yeah, we have all heard that before and do you have proof that is a real government document? Art may have heard it all before, but that doesn't mean everyone listening or even most have heard it before. How many global warming shows have I heard the same stuff over and over on and yet he keeps doing those. Second, I have no problem with him asking for proof, but why doesn't he ask for proof from anyone else? I am still waiting for Ed Dames to bring Art that birthday gold he promised 2 or 3 years ago. Natalee Holloway's body that Dames knows exactly where it is, is still missing. Add into that the fact that Collins was obviously not used to doing radio and you have a not so great show. Yet, it was still better than the boring global warming talk on open lines that followed when Art dumped Collins after only 90 minutes. Maybe now that the baby is here Art will be less stressed.
Monday - Noory returned from his weekend off with filmmaker Peter von Puttkamer. Puttkamer discussed his research into amazing inventions and cryptozoology. I didn't get to hear all of the show, but it seemed like a pretty fun show, though now I am worried about a horde of robot grasshoppers coming for me.
Tuesday - Former NC congressman Bill Hendon and attorney Elizabeth Stewart, the authors of An Enormous Crime, discussed Vietnam MIAs. They presented some evidence of MIAs and told how nobody in the political process seems to want to discuss or investigate these men who may have been left behind. I suppose politicians think it is better to sweep it under the rug, than to have the American people asking why these men were forgotten about for over 30 years.
Wednesday - Paola Harris was the guest. She shared some photos that she claims are human alien hybrids and aliens and talked about related subjects and exopolitics. The man who took the photos of the aliens is said to have video of ships and other things, I would hope this would eventually be posted somewhere that it can be seen by all. Harris also talked about 8 foot tall skeletons found in Sardina, which I found totally fascinating.
Thursday - Glenn Kimball was the guest. Kimball is one of my favorite c2c guests and he spent a lot of time during this interview discussing Francis Crick, DNA and LSD. He gave a strong warning against using hallucinogenics. I suppose he felt obligated to do so, but people have been using them for at least thousands of years, with relatively little harm, especially if you were to compare it to a drug like alcohol. Other than my disagreement with that part, this was a thought provoking and entertaining show.
Friday - Psychics and opens lines, why bother?
c2c live with Ian Punnett - This was a strange show, but Ian made it fun. The guest was Jean Cline, who claims to be the twin soul of deceased TV superman, George Reeves. According to her, Reeves has been communicating with her since his death. It sounds unbelievable, but it was still kind of interesting.
c2c am with Ian Punnett filling in for Art Bell - I missed Drew Curtis from during the first hour. Saint John Hunt was the guest for the rest of the show. For those who don't already know the story, Saint John Hunt is the son of watergate conspirator E. Howard Hunt. He has a tape of his late father explaining how LBJ was the one behind the JFK assassination. I have heard Saint John interviewed many times now and thought nothing new could come out of this show, but luckily Richard C. Hoagland felt the need to call in. Those of you who know Hoagie can pretty much guess that he called in to tell Hunt where he was wrong about the story, because Hoagie always knows more than anyone else and according to him has proof of it, but he can't share that proof just yet. A great show, especially for anyone who may have missed Saint John Hunt in the past.

I think Glenn Kimball on Thursday was my favorite show of the week, but Paola Harris and Saint John Hunt were also really good.


nolocontendere said...

We learned more in our dorm rooms after swallowing certain substances than in all the years we spent taking notes in the classes. And I mean that wholeheartedly.

LesleyinNM said...

It is absolutely true.

Anonymous said...

glen kimball was boring
we want morgus jc & oscar