Sunday, June 17, 2007

Coast to Coast Rewind

Although, I am not a John Hogue fan, I had nothing better to do last Sunday and I ended up listening to him with Art Bell. It was pretty much the normal Hogue gibberish and luckily for me, I no longer can remember much of it.

I hear that Mondays show with Jay Weidner talking about the Denver Airport was pretty good, but I haven't got around to listening to that one yet. I have been to the Denver Airport many times and never experienced anything weird there, but I am aware of the stories.

Wednesday was without a doubt my favorite show of the week. Stewart Swerdlow was there talking about Reptilians and mind control. Swerdlow is friends with David Icke, so that gives you a clue of where he was coming from. Some interesting tidbits from him:
Blond haired, blue eyed people are easier to use mind control on.
The reptilians used to eat dinosaurs which is why the dinosaurs were purposely destroyed.
The Illuminati are called blue bloods because the Reptilians have cooper in their blood which makes it a greenish blue color.
My favorite Noory question during this show was "Am I a reptilian?" It had a lot to do with the way he said it too, it just totally cracked me up.

Thursday was good and bad. I will be saying all that I have left to say about the Vaeni incident in Grey Matters on Tuesday. Vaeni aside, Budd Hopkins and Stephen Bassett were great guests and made for a good show. Hopkins discussed abduction and the scars it leaves on many of it's victims. Bassett discussed Exopolitics, he apparently thinks my Governor, Bill Richardson, would be a good President at least for the disclosure movement.

Friday night we had a double dose of specialness. First, guest host, John P. Wells, turned out to be totally cool and have a great radio voice. The second special thing was that Ray Bradbury was the guest for the first hour. Open lines were different and fun, there was even a call from JC. The best Friday night I remember in ages.

I rarely miss Ian Punnett's show on Saturdays, but I had a birthday party to attend and I missed it. I listened to Art's show for a bit. I loved the first hour call from JC! I have heard Lynne McTaggart several times on different shows and quickly became bored with her, but others I read comments from seemed to really enjoy her and Art.

A couple shows scheduled for this week look promising. First, from an entertainment prospective, Richard C. Hoagland on Wednesday should fit the bill.
On Thursday the guest will be Jesse Marcel Jr. and I am guessing that show will be awesome!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lesley. Wait 'till you listen to the Jay Weidner show, that was really cool. I am flying to the Denver Airport next month en route to Alberta, so maybe I'll investigate. I haven't listened to the reptilian show yet, but I love that topic. Also, has there been any word on whether that debate between J.C. and Oscar is going to happen? Talk about a interesting program. By the way, I like your new rewinds, it helps me when I go back to the podcasts to weed out the duller shows.

- Jarret

Anonymous said...

Hey Lesley, great job as always with the rewind. I also love the new c2c rewind format.


nolocontendere said...

Swerdlow was good.
Wonder what dinosaur tastes like?

LesleyinNM said...

Jarret - that doesn't make sense does it? Flying down to denver and then back up to Alberta?

Hey Ross! Thanks for stopping by!

Nolo - Everything taste like chicken.

Anonymous said...

Check out this parody of George Noory hahhaa it's right on.

Anonymous said...

I emailed everyone at Coast to Coast about The Profit John Hogue. 6 months ago Noory asked him who will be president and he talked for 20 minutes without giving an answer. I emailed him, he checks his blackberry and complains about me and He said Hillary Clinton would be our next President. I encourage anyone to call Coast to Coast this week on 10/07/08 and call that idiot out as a liar.