Sunday, July 01, 2007

Coast to Coast Rewind

Monday, Noory's guest was Ann Druffel who spoke about UFO research and interdimensional beings. I found most of it pretty interesting, Druffel seems to be coming from a different place that most ufologists. Some of it was a bit too religious for me, but nonetheless, different and interesting. It isn't an interview I would recommend for everyone, but some will enjoy it or find it interesting.

Thursday was very confusing for me. The original scheduled full show guest was Mike Heiser, but sometime on Wednesday he was taken off the schedule and only Linda Moulton Howe was listed. I thought this was a result of all the new drone news and that she would be there for the full show, but in the end she only ended up being there for the first hour. Myself and everyone that I know, even people who believe the drone to be a total hoax had looked forward to hearing about it. So whoever made the choice of LMH talking about the bees for half the interview made a very bad choice. It was obvious at the end of the second half hour that she had only scratched the surface of what she could have said about the drones. I am not the only one who was pissed off by that, many people had tuned in only to hear about the drones and were left feeling cheated. We did learn that "Isaac" may soon be coming forward with more information. Had time allowed, I would have liked to have known what Linda had found out about Isaac and the research facility he claimed to have worked at, it was only briefly mentioned with Noory rushing her along to something else. Again, the bees were just a really bad choice with those documents just having coming out and there being such a buzz about them. Not much else I can say.

Saturday rocked all the way around, starting with Ian Punnett's show. His first hour guest was one of my very favorites, Linda Godfrey. Linda had some new creepy werewolf and beast of Bray road stories. Her and Ian have such great chemistry, I just love listening to them no matter what they are talking about. The guest for the rest of the show was Phillip Gardiner and he and Ian also had great chemistry. They talked about Nazis, Serpent Cults, conspiracies and lots of other cool stuff. Since there is a lot of religion mixed in with this type of stuff, Ian is a perfect host because he always knows really good questions to ask. Also, as almost always, Ian had actually read the guest's book, so that gave him an edge on questions too. A really good show, especially if you are interested in secret societies.

The Art Bell that I know and love was back last night. Art was totally excited about Walter Hout's after death confession. He stated that he believes it and whereas he has always been unsure about Roswell, he is now totally sure. Roswell researcher Thom Carey was his guest and they talked a lot about the late Walter Hout and Roswell in general. I don't remember hearing Carey before (though I am sure I must have), but he was just a really great guest. What made this show for me though, was how excited Art was. It was like the old days back before he became jaded, when he would get totally excited and energized by what his guests said. Definitely one of the better Art Bell shows in recent memory.

The upcoming week has a couple promising shows. First, Nick Begich on Monday and most of all the live Roswell show on Friday. I may or may not be in Roswell for that, looking more like not at this moment, but I do have a motel room booked should I end up making it there.

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Anonymous said...

What..?? You have a motel room in Roswell and you're not going to use it??? I have to stay in Carlsbad... that was the closest open room I could find at such a late date. Should be a fun 60th though!