Sunday, September 02, 2007

c2c Rewind: The Richard Dolan Special Edition

What a difference between the George Knapp interview with Rich Dolan and the Noory one last year. You can read my thoughts on the Noory interview from last September here. Also, more info on Noory and his brief obsession with Dr Greer here. The Knapp interview was different, it was c2c radio at it's best.

One of the many reasons I have respect for Rich Dolan is that he doesn't see the invisible line that many ufologists stop at. A great many ufologists will talk about a government ufo conspiracy for hours, but they stop at that line where there are questions of other types of government conspiracies. To me it is logical that if one type of conspiracy exists, there must be more than that and I don't understand people who can believe in one type of conspiracy and not another. They are all connected and Richard Dolan seems to get this. There are those that believe that no type of conspiracy exists and that is fine too, at least they are consistent.

I don't want to minimize George Knapp's contributions to this show, Dolan is always a fascinating guest, but Knapp's fantastic questions and own experience and tales really added to the show, making it awesome! If I have any criticism of Knapp it would be that he tried to keep Dolan firmly behind that invisible line, within ufology territory. Then again, it was suppose to be a ufology show and not 9/11 conspiracy or any other conspiracy, so I can't really fault him for that either.

From what Dolan said, one of the problems seems to be having with his upcoming book is presenting information from anonymous sources. That really is quite a hard one. If you have checked out a person and know they were working where they said they were, when they said they were, that they are also upstanding people and likely know exactly what they say they know, you can't possibly ignore what they are telling you. At the same time you face the knowledge that since they won't come forward publicly and others can't see their credentials their story is likely to be dismissed by many. Not to mention there are those that will accuse you of making up tales in order to sell your book and all manner of other slanderous trash.

It is kind of hard for me to believe that it had been a year since c2c did a full interview with Richard Dolan. When I think how many times Sean David Morton, Ed Dames and others that I could do without ever hearing again have been on, it makes me sick. It also reminds me why I hardly listen to c2c anymore, not that I had forgot.

So for those of you who still have streamlink, if you missed this interview, IMO it is worth your time. I would say it ranks in the top c2c interviews of the year, easily.


ericswan said...

Your link to Giza Death Star has a few issues with Greer. There is a set of 8 you tube interviews with Noory on the subject "Thunderbolts of the Gods" at this link.

LesleyinNM said...

I have no problem with most people questioning Dr Greer. However, in Noory's case I don't think it is fair to talk about a guest he has had on many times when he isn't there to defend himself. If Noory has a problem with Greer he should have him on and confront him, not do behind his back.

Thanks for the link! I will post it tonight.