Sunday, October 21, 2007

Coast to Coast Rewind

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I didn't hear one full c2c show last week, or even enough to comment on a full show guest. I did hear bits and pieces of shows like Jerome Corsi during the first hour Tuesday. I even agreed with Corsi for once and don't even have anything bad to say about him. I tried to listen to Yvonne Smith talking about alien abduction. It sounded like she has some interesting things to say, but I found her hard to listen to. Either she was really nervous and hard to listen to or I just wasn't in the mood, it could be either.
What is in audio this week? The first contenders for what I am sure will become a coveted award, The Rupert. The Rupert award is named such after Rupert. Who else? You can find clips of Rupert's calls here and here. I am sure we will be hearing much more from Rupert in the future.
The Rupert is focused on callers with unbelievable stories and stupid comments. We have one of each this week.
Clip #1 is someone who called in during that hour with Corsi. His stupid comment shocked both Corsi and Noory into several seconds of silence after he hung up and as anyone knows it is quite a feat when even Corsi doesn't know what to say. The other is a man who was terrorized by something tall and green as a child, I will let you find out the rest for yourself. That clip is from open lines during the third hour on 10/17/07.
If you hear something on c2c that you think should be a Rupert contender, email me about it. Please know the show date and approximate time though. I can't sift through 4 hours looking for it.

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