Sunday, October 28, 2007

Coast to Coast Rewind

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A pretty good week last time around for c2c. The week started out with George Knapp hosting and Timothy Good as the guest. I am a Tim Good fan and Knapp asked some really great questions as he always does. There was a lot of really great stuff about the military and UFOs, especially ufos being shot down by the military. Knapp is easily my favorite c2c host when it comes to the subject of UFOs.

I found the CA fire special on Tuesday to be stupid. As I have said before, I listen to c2c to get away from the regular news, not to hear more about it. Also, what was with the guest choice? Dr. Turi, John Hogue and Glynis McCants for a special about the fires? It was like Noory filled a hat full of names and just called up whoever he picked out of it.

Nick Redfern was the guest on Thursday. Everyone knows I am a big fan of Nick so there was no way I would miss that. It was a really great show! Noory seems to be getting over his constant interrupting of guests and he let Nick actually talk. Nick talked about all kinds of crypto creatures, vampires, aliens/ufos and tons of other stuff. However, there were a couple questions that were just made me laugh and then there was also the weird Joe Pesci comment. That is included in the audio with the funny questions. Anyhow, Noory asks Nick who he would like to play him in a movie and then comments that Joe Pesci (or peshkey as Noory said it) should play Nick. Now Noory did say he was kidding, but I sat there wondering how on God's earth Noory could ever even have Pesci cross his mind to play Nick? That is like one of the last people I would ever think of to play Nick in a movie. My conclusion is that Noory had just been checking out Tim Binnall's Hot Newz. It also came out on Thursday and was called My Cousin Noory. Tim had photoshoped Noory's head over Pesci's, it must have had a profound effect on Noory.

Right now I am listening to Alex Jones with Ian Punnett and it is pretty good so far. Maybe more about that later or tomorrow night.

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