Sunday, December 02, 2007

Coast to Coast Rewind

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On Wednesday Pat Buchanan made his second appearance on c2c with George Noory. I didn't listen to a lot of this because I have never been a fan of Buchanan. However, he did make me realize that the world has truly gone to pot because compared to the NeoCons in office now, he actually makes some sense and almost seems tolerable in comparison.
That same night Richard C. Hoagland joined Noory for the final hour. This was a strange interview, as you will be able to tell by the audio clips I selected. Yes, I know many are thinking RCH is always strange, but there was way too much talk of wine and vodka and even though Noory kept making jokes about RCH being drunk, Noory sounded like he had taken more than a few nips himself. The festive conversation was actually quite fun. I couldn't even think of anything to add to the audio clips that could make them any sillier.

Thursday: Linda Moulton Howe was there first hour talking about a UFO incident in Albuquerque, in 1974. I was rather interested in that because I think that is about the same time I had my first ufo sighting as a child and as it turned out it was pretty much the exact same area. Although, I was a child and didn't keep track of the date, I know I saw mine early on a Sunday morning and it was the same shape as the one reported to Linda though it was a glowing red type color.
Steve Quayle was the full show guest. I always enjoy Steve, but only managed to catch the last hour or so.

Art Bell filled in for Noory on Friday. His guest was the awesome Dr. Michio Kaku. This was a GREAT interview and Dr. Kaku said many interesting things about SETI and ETs. I will be posting some audio highlights of this soon, if not today than early tomorrow.

Ian Punnett's guest on Saturday night c2c was David Levy. They discussed Levy's new book Love and Sex with Robots. This was a perfect show for Ian who seems to love to discuss sex. In fact, I have noticed that Ian brings up sex more than all other c2c hosts combined. I am pretty sure Ian would gladly try out some of those robots (just kidding Ian). Although I missed the first half of the show I will absolutely make a point to download it later because what I did hear was mostly serious and yet totally fun. Ian is still #1 for fun and truly entertaining shows.


nolocontendere said...

If Buchanan dropped the xtianity and the american exceptionalism he'd be a rational voice, but sadly he's stuck in that dirty tricks Nixon era.

LesleyinNM said...

Although I was a child during Nixon I do realize he was bad. However, for some reason looking at what we have now and comparing makes him look less so. Vietnam killed far more people, but at least Nixon tried to hide his crimes, unlike those we have now who wave them in our face. Nixon seems somewhat human to me in comparison. At least he seemed to know what he was doing was wrong.