Sunday, December 09, 2007

Coast to Coast Rewind

Well, no audio this week. I may get around to some Friedman/Feschino sound bites later in the week.
Speaking of which, one of the 3 shows I listened to last week was the Friedman/Feschino interview. This was a really great show. Though, I have to say that I didn't feel Noory's questions were really what I wanted to know, some were, but for the most part they weren't. No matter what the questions were the subject matter was incredible. The US military trying to shoot down ufos and getting their butt kicked. They really thought they could try to shoot down these advanced aircrafts, obviously created by a race of beings far superior to ourselves and there would be no repercussions? As stupid as it sounds they seemed to actually think that they could get away with it, but eventually changed their minds and for good reason.

Friday night the first two hours were with Linda Moulton Howe. Since I live in Albuquerque and did in the 1970s too, I find the Sandia mt. ufo story fascinating. I feel cheated that I somehow missed this event, especially since the witness she had an interview with obviously lived very near where I lived then. He saw it while walking back home from Los Altos which is about a block away from where I lived. I went to the pool over there several times a week in the summer. As I mentioned last week I did see a ufo in the same place the witnesses reported that one and probably in the same year, but theirs was on a Tuesday and mine was a Sunday, so I guess they weren't the same one.

Last night (Saturday) Ian Punnett interviewed Dean Koontz. I totally enjoyed the last interview Ian did with him and this one was also totally great! It was perfect for me given that my cat, Sheba, recently passed away and a lot of it was about Dean's dog who recently passed away and the bond between humans and animals. As everyone knows I love animals and I did write more about the Koontz interview, but since it is more about pets or the loss of pets than it is about c2c I posted it at my pet blog.

I wish that I could say there are a bunch of great shows coming up next week, but I can't. The best sounding, IMO, is Michael Tsarion on Wednesday. Thursday is still TBA so I will hope that we get a good guest for that day too.

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