Sunday, January 06, 2008

Coast to Coast Rewind

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Being that it is a new year there were several prediction shows last week.

Sunday and Monday Art Bell took predictions from listeners. Honestly I didn't listen to very much of either of those because I have been listening to Art's new year prediction show for years and mostly they are the same predictions of doom and gloom.

The same could be said about Ian's prediction show on Tuesday only he had actual guests predicting things for 2008. It was mostly the usual suspects, Gerald Celente, George Ure, Paul Guercio, Glynis McCants, Sean David Morton and Mark Lerner. I didn't listen, but I will guess that aside from Glynis McCants everyone predicted doom and gloom. Glynis probably predicted some of that but mixed it in with some good predictions and celeb gossip. Galen Cook was there the first hour with some updates on the D.B. Cooper story, I did listen to that.

Wednesday was host Rollye James "economic collapse" show. Aside from Andre Eggelletion the first hour the rest was too gloomy and boring for me to stand.

Thursday was the most awesome show of the week with Art Bell and Whitley Strieber. You will find a clip from that in audio where Whit and Art speculate about why the government keeps UFOs secret. They also talked about drones and Whitley hopping dimensions, or to parallel universes, becoming invisible and other fascinating things. This show has my seal of approval! It was a good thing!

Friday Art hyped the paranoia about bird flu with guest Gary Ridenour. Scary and gloomy. I listened for a while and then decided that cleaning my house would be more fun.

Ian's first hour guest on Saturday was Galen Cook returning with another update on D.B. Cooper. It was an interesting tale about a family that thinks their relative is D.B. Cooper, the photo is the closest to the sketch so far. That said, I have noticed that most times the people who are arrested for a crime don't look that much like there police sketch. John Jay Harper was there for the rest of the show making predictions of cataclysmic climate change and probably more doom and gloom.

The first week of the year, which is often the most gloomy is now over! I can't say next week looks very promising, but maybe it will surprise me.

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