Sunday, February 03, 2008

Coast to Coast Rewind

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The week started out with George Knapp interviewing Robert Collins, author of Exempt from Disclosure. I already wrote about that here so instead I will cross post what I wrote about it at PodOmatic for something new:

This was such a confusing interview that I needed some help from the Simpsons. One minute Collins is saying Rick Doty wasn't giving out disinformation and the next minute he is saying that was his job. It was either his job and he did it, or it wasn't, but not in Collins world.

Other than that the information Collins gives about Bennewitz sending signals INTO Kirtland AFB is completely wrong. Bennewitz was picking up signals, not sending them. Could be an honest mistake or it could be disinformation, you decide.

I did suggest to George Knapp that if he wanted the true Bennewitz/Doty story he should invite Greg Bishop on and he thanked me for the guest suggestion, so who knows?

I didn't listen to any of the week night shows. A week with both John Hogue and Sean David Morton is too awful to even think about, let alone listen to.

Ian Punnett's show last night with Jim Elvidge talking about programmed reality was a winner though and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in that concept. DMT and other related subjects were somewhat touched upon as well.

I want to wish everyone a great Superbowl Sunday, even those of you who are Giants fans! :-)

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