Monday, December 27, 2010

The Odor of the Owl

Thanks to Regan for this, you can read her post at -
The Orange Orb: The Odor of the Owl

This is creepy to me for so many reasons.  You all know I hate clowns, but I don't really care for mascots in costumes of any kind.

Then there is the Victorian version of Man in Black clothing.  Oh, they try to lighten it up a bit with the Burberry scarf, but it is still very MIBish.

And why of all things would they choose an owl to advertise perfume?  We all know the owl is the most esoteric creature around, associated with alien abduction, bad omens, Bohemian Grove and so much more.

Googling the subject, the owl seems to be a very bad choice for a perfume mascot:

Owls generally have a limited sense of smell, but their existence depends upon their hearing
and their site. Their sense of smell can be illustrated by the fact that Great Horned Owls
(Bubo v.) enjoy wallowing in the perfume of skunks. Every GHO I have encountered smelled like skunk. They have been observed rubbing themselves in the skunks carcasses and their behavior has been described as appearing that the owl was enjoying the experience.  Anthropomorphized? Possibly.

OK, possibly a good choice if the perfume you are selling smells like a skunk. :-D

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Regan Lee said...

Thanks Lesley. I didn't know that about the owl's sense of smell, even stranger, isn't it? As I commented in my post, "they" (you know, "them") must be aware of the symbolism of the owl. Like you, I really dislike clowns, and that includes mascots. It's all very strange.