Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sunday - A rebroadcast with Paul Moller talking about the “sky car.”
Monday - Noory and Neil Slade talking about brain stuff. Perhaps c2c could have done a better description because this didn’t interest me enough to listen. If someone gives me a glowing review I will download and listen though.
Tuesday - Noory and Mary Ann talking about ghosts. For those of you that didn’t know the TV show “Ghost Whisperer” is based my Mary Ann, or so they say. Really was actually better than I had expected, so I won’t complain.
Wednesday - Noory with Alex Jones and Paul Watson talking about peak oil. I got the point within the first hour and all the other hours devoted to this subject seem to have been wasted. Maybe this is because I have never believed in peak oil and didn’t need much convincing. Seriously, there were some good points made, but I am sick to death of hearing about peak oil, whichever opinion is being expressed.
Thursday - Noory had on one of my favorite people, Peter Levenda. I was really disappointed with this show, due to Noory’s questions and not Levenda. It seemed like they would just be getting into some really interesting topic and George would change the subject. Still, given the rest of the week this was more entertaining than most. I would say if you want to listen to a interview with Levenda go to, because I personally like the one Whitley did better.
Friday - The first hour George chatted with Ryan Reynold about his talking parrots. I will have to check out his website sometime soon because his parrots sound very amazing. For open lines George opened a
“time traveler” line. Lucky me tuned in right when JC called. JC was horribly upset because Edna Pringle had left him for a streamlink member, taking with her $10.000 of the “Lord‘s money.” 83 year old Edna was last seen making her escape on the back on a motorcycle. You go girl! JC believes she and her streamlink member boyfriend are shacked up at the c2c compound with George, Art and Ramona (she is the one who cast the spell on Edna, according to JC).
Saturday - Our
Saturday night man, Ian Punnett welcomed Stephan Schwartz to talk about remote viewing. I found this more fun than a lot of the remote viewing shows because instead of remote viewing the end of the world Schwartz talked about remote viewing lost archaeological sites. Also, the first hour with Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau talking about her film that deals with how prescription drugs are marketed was very interesting.

OK, time for my favorite show of the week. I had a hard time deciding between AJ on Wednesday and Peter Levenda on Thursday, but I think I will have to go with Levenda. Either way it still would have been a win for George making the score George 7, Ian 3 and Art 1.


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