Thursday, November 10, 2005

William Henry hosted Dreamland with guest Stephen Mehler. Linda Moulton Howe talked about animal mutilations and EBEs. That is all available for free to anyone who wishes to pop over to Unknown Country and listen.
Onto the subscribers interview. Whitley did this interview, again with Stephen Mehler and this is somewhat how things went -
Whitley asks Stephen Mehler what the title of his new book “Light into Darkness” means.
Stephen says - We have come out of a cycle of light into darkness. That is what the book is saying. Don’t think linearly
Whitley - Wants to know more about the cycles.
Stephen - We are guilty when we are born that is what everyone thinks, but the indigenous people say that isn’t so, it is just a cycle. We are in a phase. Not to say that people’s actions weren’t involved, they were, but it is still a natural cycle. We have to stop blaming because it is a cycle.
Whitley - Why do we go through these cycles?
Stephen - Just the way the universe works.
Whit - Why does the universe exist?
Stephen - Just vibration, reality is what we create from those vibrations. The universe is just a illusion.
Whitley is talking about wanting us to go to Egypt and meet some tour guide?

Apparently, I am suppose to know who this tour guide is, but since I haven’t read the book I am lost. I think his name is Hakim.
Now Whit is asking about Taoism.
Stephen - there is a link between ancient Egypt and Taoism. All traditions are linked.
Whitley mispronounces someone's name, Steven corrects him.

There is no way I can spell it. He is asking about this person.
Seems to have something to do with Egyptology and Judaism.
Whit thinks Tibet will eventually be free and it will be a signpost. Whit then switches to one of his favorite subject “white powdered gold.”
Steven - Says no one is free until Tibet is free. Hakim doesn’t believe WPG was produced where Gardner says it was, but does believe in WPG.
I assume he is talking about Laurence Gardner who is a brilliant researcher. I would have a hard time believing Hakim over Gardner.
I listen a bit longer, but this show is just not connecting with me and I have to give up. I am sure others may find this show fascinating, but I just couldn’t get a grip on it.

My Whitley quote of the week - “We are responsible that we fell from grace, this cycle is a kind of punishment.”

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