Sunday, December 04, 2005

Sunday - Art Bell wrapped up his monthly hosting duties with guest Ed Dames. Art finally got after Dames for not bringing him his gold that he was promised. Art even went so far as to say that Dames was damaging his credibility. Although I don't believe Dames has any credibility to damage, it was still nice to hear Art say that.

Monday - George Noory returned from his long weekend with guest Albert Taylor. Taylor was talking about OBEs. This was a OK show. Nothing to write home about. I have had a OBE so I always think I will really enjoy this subject, but I for some reason I don't normally find it that interesting.

Tuesday - Noory welcomed guest Gary Schwartz to talk about "the real medium." I didn't hear a great deal of this show so I won't comment on it.

Wednesday - Hal Lindsey joined George to discuss biblical prophecy. Nothing new in Hal's discussion that I heard. If you have heard Hal before then you pretty much know all of what was said. Still, Hal is a entertaining guest even when you are not hearing him for the first time. Noory's reactions to such things also help make the show entertaining.

Thursday - The guest was William Henry. I normally really enjoy Henry, I love all his theories about the grail and a the Templar's and I love hearing them discussed. This show was not much about those things though and was quite a bit too "out there" for me to fully grasp. Still, for the most part a entertaining show.

Friday - George decided to skip the much dreaded open lines in favor of chatting it up with two guests! First was Mike St. Lawrence to talk about abduction insurance. That was for comic relief before bringing on the true guest - Linda Moulton Howe. This turned out to be a awesome show with discussion of Hellyer and a crash site in Utah among other things. I was happy Linda agreed to stay up until 3 am here in Albuquerque, which is not her normal schedule and did thank her for saving me and the rest of the world from open lines.

Saturday - Ian Punnett was back for his Saturday gig with guest Colin Campbell to talk about nutrition. This is not really a subject that I enjoy, but I did listen to quite a bit of this show and it wasn't too bad. There was a lot of good information that I probably won't follow (I can't imagine giving up my occasional green chili cheese burger), but maybe it was helpful to others out there.

Picking my favorite show of the week is easy this time. Friday with LMH is by far my favorite show of the week.


Paul said...

A thoroughly crappy week.

Kudos to George for hosting the best open lines Friday I've heard in a while - coincidentally, it lacked any open lines. Perhaps the absence of open phones has a direct correlation with the quality of a program.


LesleyinNM said...

I don't have to ponder, the absence of open lines does improve the quality of the show. It would have to be a really horrible guest to be worse than the people who call in on open lines.

David R. Poole said...

Open lines are terrible... But then again, so was Ed Dames. Why does this fool get so much airtime? His accuracy rate has to be below guessing.

To me at least, this past week was pretty rough, and the upcoming week doesn't look any better.

I notice you didn't mention the UFO Abductee Insurance that was on first hour Friday. That seemd kind of insulting to the audience. Maybe my sense of humor was in the "off" position, but I found it demeaning to the core audience.

I wonder if George realized that the guest was such an a**hole before he booked him. The guy thought he was so "funny".

LesleyinNM said...

I don't care much for Dames, but still like him better than open lines.

I did mention the insurance guy as comic relief. I can't believe he got so much time. I think 10 minutes would have been plenty.

Paul said...

The insurance guy would've made great comic relief had he actually been funny.

David R. Poole said...

Opps... my bad. You did mention the insurance guy.

My 5 year old was pesting really hard while i was trying to read (or at least that'smy excuse).