Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sunday - George Noory did his monthly Sunday show. His guest was Dr. Marc Siegel to talk about the fear epidemic. This show did not turn out to be what I had hoped it was. It was a bit boring, but at least it wasn't a rebroadcast.
Monday - George had on Dr. Paul Pearsall to talk about self psychology. I didn't get to hear all of this, but what I did hear was better than I had expected with Dr. Pearsall taking some swipes at the "self help" industry.
Tuesday - It was all about Project Serpo. The guests were Bill Ryan and Richard Doty. If you are asking yourself who Bill Ryan is, you wouldn't be alone. Ryan is someone who claims to never have been involved in Ufology, yet he belongs to a private list that talks of nothing else and has somehow managed to become Project Serpo's public spokesman. Maybe it shouldn't be surprising that he sounds like a paid promoter. Doty, for those who may not know is a "retired" Air Force disinformation officer. I have quotes around retired because that is what he said on the show, however, he apparently just a few months back told Greg Bishop he had rejoined the air force. Good ole Doty, always willing to confuse. Whitley Strieber popped in and gave us a story of his own about the word "Serpo." Later Richard C. Hoagland popped in to add his 2 cents about hyperdimensional physics. I doubt anyone was surprised by that.
Wednesday - Christopher Knight and Alan Butler were the guests and they talked about their artificial moon theory. As silly as that was Richard C. Hoagland popped in again and seemed to try to give some support for this theory, but mostly used it as a chance to sell his DVDs to Christmas shoppers.
Thursday - I thought it would be relief from all the loonies of the past nights with Gary Patterson. It was a relief, but sadly Gary's phones kept crapping out and as a result he would disappear and then return which cut into his air time. Good show though, with lots of John Lennon related stories.
Friday - I know I have bitched about this before, but I will continue to do so until this abomination stops - Nobody wants to hear a rebroadcast of a open lines show! Most of us don't even want to hear it the first time around. Needless to say I completely skipped this rebroadcast.
Saturday - Chubby cheeked Ian Punnett returned for his weekly duties with Riley Martin to talk about UFOs and Saturn. It has been a while and I had forgot who Riley was until I heard his very distinct voice. I wouldn't want to hear Riley very often, but he is entertaining every once in a while.

My favorite show of the week was - Tuesday with Bill Ryan and Richard Doty. Sure, I think it is all a fraud, but it keeps me entertained.


AB5SY said...

Like you, Riley Martin's speaking style on Coast2Coast last night almost drove me to the edge, in fact once I even reached over to turn the radio off and would have if the next caller had not been introduced as Lesley and I thought for a second it was you, I stuck with the show and it actually turned out to be fairly interesting after all.

LesleyinNM said...

I haven't tried to call the show in years. I never managed to get through when I did try, so it was just too frustrating. Now they have fast blast where I can say what I want even if sometimes it does no good.:)