Sunday, November 11, 2007

Coast to Coast Rewind

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To start out let me mention Noory's UFO special last Wednesday. It had a lot of the same guests as Larry King and kind of scooped Larry. I have seen some comments at message boards from people who didn't like it, but I actually thought it was pretty good. Of course, the bar has become rather low lately for what is a good c2c show. I especially enjoyed hearing from Leslie Kean about winning (or settling) the lawsuit against NASA for information about Kecksburg. I am not sure I actually expect any real information to come from that, but I do hope it will.

I also listened to a couple hours of Sean David Morton in hopes of some funny audio clips. It was all so ridiculous that nothing really stood out, so as far as audio I did the best I could. It was really a rather dry interview, or maybe I have just heard SDM way too often. Well, actually I am sure that I have heard SDM way too often.

Next week looks pretty interesting: Bruce Goldberg on Monday discussing ancient mysteries. James Casbolt on Tuesday. I don't know how much, if anything Casbolt says is true, but I have heard other interviews with him and they at least kept my attention. He will be talking about black ops and underground alien bases.


Bob Johnson said...

Love your site, gonna get that player, I watched the Larry King ufo special, thought it was really good.

Anonymous said...

heard casbolt last night and he was one of the worst guests i have ever heard, bar none. i am a loyal c2c listener but turned him off because it was so bad. just sounded like the guy was putting together a whole string of BS and his only saving grace was that george was there to reel him in every once in a while. a statemtn would start off with him talking about his psychic abilities, then he would go to lost tribe of isreal, then to atlantis, then to the spartans, from there to french roaylty then doing battle in the tunnels of paris and being quick to point out that was where princess diana was killed. what a crock.

LesleyinNM said...

Wow, I totally disagree. I thought he was very entertaining. 75% of c2c is BS anyway and at least he told his BS in an entertaining way. I would rather hear his BS than Morton or Dames and the other many boring BS guests. Of course, I have been listening for over a decade and have heard other crappy stories so many times that I could tell them myself. I am sure I will find Casbolt equally as boring and crappy if he continues to be invited on.